• I was in the US Army for over 34 years, in one form or another. You could do a LOT worse. : )
  • I served for 20 years. I was Infantry, Airborne. I chose the infantry, and unlike most beliefs, infantry is not for the dummy's. If you think of it, would you leave the most important job of the military to a bunch of guys that can't read? (the job of the military is to fight) I loved the travel, and also learning about people from all over the US. the pros of my job was I made rank fast, and took part in lots of cool stuff (I did parades in Washington DC, and a ticker tape parade in New York)Plus, the women love the infantry guys, so we always had a barracks full of women on the weekends. the cons, I wanted to kick myself sometimes when I was in the field, and it was cold and rainy, and I knew i had to stay there for 5 more days! the weekend duty sucks too, if you get duty on a Saturday, you go in a 0900 Saturday, and get off at 0900 Sunday morning, and have to go back to work on Monday. as far as your ASVAB, i was a recruiter, and I will tell you this The secret to doing well on the test is doing well on the reading portion. I don't care how well you do on the math or any of the other stuff, if you don't do well on the reading, you will not do well on the test! you can max out all the other stuff, and do poor on the reading portion, and fail the test, but if you do really well on the reading, there is no way you can fail the test.

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