• Usually i jerk up in a cold sweat. But on bad nights, im half conceious and experience what i think is called 'sleep paralysis' Very scary situation, you think you're awake and still experiencing the nightmare. But are unable to move or speak.
  • Actually, I usually just.... wake up :)
  • I wake up breathing a sigh of relief because in THAT case-- it really was a nightmare. (true story)
  • I can top everyone. How? Broken ribs. I had a dream I fell off a cliff. I sleep with a fan so I could feel the wind as I fell. I trashed in bed till I fell out. (Mind you I had just moved and didn't have everything unpacked) With no night stand and a clock shaped like a wedge on the floor.) I landed on it and in the dream I hit ground with a crack. NOT O GOOD WAY TO GREET A NEW DAY !!!!

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