• Make sure that the Nintendo Gamecube; TV and VCR (if used) are plugged in to power outlets. Make sure that the DC jack on the AC adapter is firmly plugged in to the DC Input Connector on the back of the console. Make sure that the power switches on the Nintendo Gamecube; TV & VCR (if used) are turned on. Check the connections between the console and the TV or the VCR and review the appropriate System Set Up Section in you Gamecube booklet to be sure that the system is set up correctly. Make sure that all cable connectors are securely plugged into the appropriate sockets. Make sure that the input settings are correct for your particular setup. If you are using an RF switch connection, make sure that the Channel Switch and TV are set to the same channel (3 or 4). Check to be sure that the Game Disk is placed correctly in the game console. Check to make sure that the game disk is clean and in good condition. If dirty wipe with a soft cloth from the center to the outside. Remove the game disk, close the disk cover and turn the power off and the on again. If the main menu appears the disk may be dirty or damaged. Check that the Game disk will work on your version of the Nintendo gamecube. This system will only work with the Game disk made for the use in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. here's the website for gamecube troubleshooting:
  • check the cables

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