• There is no way to accurately measure this. Here's a thought: the average car driven the average mileage emits 6 TONS of Co2 per year. You would have to count all the cars on earth just to start. Then you would have to measure industrial & other sources of pollution.
  • 1-11-2017 Carbon monoxide is mostly produced as an accident when a fire doesn't get enough air to produce carbon dioxide. There just isn't any way to measure either product on a large scale.
  • 'Table 4.6: Estimates of the global tropospheric carbon monoxide budget (in Tg(CO)/yr) from different sources compared with the values adopted for this report (TAR).' - 'Reference: Hauglustaine et al. (1998): 2100 - Bergamasschi et al. (2000): 2860 - SAR (1996): 1800/2700 - TAR (2000): 2780' - Source:

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