• CNN has been incompatable with the interests of the United States for most of it's existance. I have a personal story about them.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Don't tell me, the less I hear the better, LOL
    • Linda Joy
      I wanna hear it! Pm me my email address is on my profile
  • Its CEOs have gone raving insane with rage and hate for the president.
  • not sure why
  • they probably believe the rumors people are spreading
  • The person supporting them is a billionaire. Even go after the President or lose funding.
  • I'm not sure why they want to be so evil. Media have biases. They lie, slant reporting, ignore things that don't fit their agenda, etc. to uphold these biases. Media want to control us 100%. Why do they do it? They're greedy tyrants who want extreme power and money.
  • It is inherently bad. It wants to think for us, and some na├»ve zombies allow that.
  • CNN is considered the most biased news organization.
  • CNN was never a touchstone of journalism. They televised the footage of Desert Storm in a way that loosely fit the definition of propaganda. They televised live, the flames shooting out of government tanks to burn the ~80 innocent people being held hostage by the Branch Davidians, then later destroyed the footage and claimed that it never happened, under thinly veiled threats from the Clinton administration. They were always this way. And, sadly, few people care. It's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy conundrum, because there are so many people who swallow everything they see and hear from CNN, that, every time they get caught doing something despicable, they just tell their viewers that it's actually okay, and popular opinion sways in their favour. And before you far-right wingers get too excited, Fox News has admitted to purposefully taking a bias to counter CNN, rather than to try to bring back integrity to the profession. Meanwhile, real news agencies doing the real heavy lifting are getting crushed by the government (Las Vegas, Marion Kansas, New Hampshire, etc.), and it's causing surprising little stir amongst other media outlets. I guess that fact alone tells you what you need to know about the integrity of the mainstream media in the USA.

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