• Dear my fellow Answerbag users. Today, I have been at home, working on something that I have now completed. Therefore, I would like to share it with you. However first, I want to say a couple of things (yeah I know, boo, hiss, get on with it and show us). Right, what I have made, many of you will look at it and think ‘my God, BAM, how could you possibly have so much time to waste? What is the purpose of this thing?’ Well, I shall tell you. This symbolises us. This is what Answerbag is about. Not about points. Not about where we rank on a leader board, oh no. It is about people. People are what make this site the great site it is. Now, I was given the Challenge by Stableboy to create the Answerbag calendar. So I set about making it, and I made two of them, one for men, one for women. I had suggestions coming in on who should be on it etc., and I happily obliged. I sat here, sad sod that I am, and wrote every suggested name on a piece of paper, then had the task of narrowing it down. It was impossible. I couldn’t choose. In the end, I had to take the list downstairs to my mum, and she chose who would be on it, because she doesn’t know any of you. So anyway, that out the way, I set about making them. For that, I had to trawl through countless photos, and in doing that I opened myself up to an even BIGGER problem. Because then I saw the faces of people, countless amounts of them, who are all Answerbaggers. And don’t go on about it, but you are not a bad looking bunch of people! I also realised something important, something I want to share with you. When I was doing this, I realised that it isn’t who you are on answerbag, whether everyone knows your name or you are anonymous, you are still part of answerbag. What is more, you are a big part. A HUGE part! Why? Because, at the end of the day, we all play a part in answerbag. We are all still people. That is what we are, a group of people doing our best to help each other with queries. At the end of the day, ratings aside, avatars aside, names, ranks, points, answers, questions, moderation, all of it, we are still just people. And that my friends, is what makes this site great. People. We all complain about each other, we all whinge and whine about points, and who said this, who said that. Some of us feel like we are part of answerbag, part of what holds it all together. Some of us don’t feel part of it. But at the end, we are all still people, still part of the answerbag community, whether we are well known or not. A rank, popularity, DOES NOT MAKE US WHO WE ARE. It is all just a game, points, to keep us interested. But it isn’t the be all and end all. It isn’t the purpose. It is the people we are here for. I know that some people don’t feel part of the answerbag community. But the truth is, you are. You all are. We all are. So I have made this, to take away names, ranks, everything, so you can all see what we are. This is what I see us as. What I always have. So just remember, ok? We are still people. This site needs an attitude change. Everything has gone to points, when it shouldn’t. As a result, we have lost many answerbaggers, and therefore lost part of answerbag. It is a travesty. And so I call on everyone to say ‘f*ck the points, lets just go out there, have fun and help each other’. And then maybe answerbag can have a bit of its soul back. Because lets be honest now, it doesn’t have the heart it used to, does it? Well, now you have listened to all this sentimental drivel from me about attitude and people, and all that, here is what you have all been waiting for! Hope you like it! Love Always Boredasmustard P.s. (sneaky preview below, go to the link for a better view) Edit: And here is TheAnswerer! I can't believe I managed to miss him out! But we are very lucky as we have him here in big size!
  • Yes, I am on there and well...i suppose i am cute but just a little :)
  • This is fabulous, BAM, and your words are very poignant as well. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do and say what you have here... and for what you contribute to the site, too. I definitely think AB is better if you ignore the "scores" part of the point system - although I do like the idea of giving people some acknowledgement for their contributions even when I haven't time or words to acknowledge it with a comment. Maybe just a thumbs up or down tally for each q or a, but not a tally of one's cumulative score, would offer the best of both worlds... you offer some good food for thought here. Thank you again. :-)
  • i just joined this sight not long ago and i can see the community is very strong and i like it.i was thinking a lot about points but that don't matter so much now after reading this.
  • I do like to read...I like to read lots of things and I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. I have enjoyed immensely the comments you have made to me since I have been on Answerbag. You almost always make me smile. You are is not about the points; it never has been for me. I like asking questions and reading the answers and I like answering others' questions. You are a big part of what makes this site enjoyable. Thank YOU for your time!
  • That is truly a great message..I agree 100 percent.
  • Very well said, and I really like what you wrote a lot. I have indeed said F the points a while ago, and now with the new AB it is even easier, as I have selected in the my feedback part of my profile not to show ratings at all. It feels good just getting answers and comments instead. You are so right that people are the important part of AB. I am grateful to have stumbled onto this question... thanks =)
  • What points?? we get points
  • The points are just for fun. It's not like you get anything for having them. They are not currency or anything. If they were, THAT would really be something!
  • Thanks!
  • This blows.
  • That is a wonderful thing you wrote. I've only been doing this for about a week. I stumbled onto this site trying to get an answer to one of those annoying things that will bug me until I figure it out. I had no idea about all the different areas of discussion on this site and I think it's awesome. I love that so many people can go here to discuss fun things as well as serious issues they need help with, and that there are people willing to help.
  • yeah, i think that the points are pretty irrelevant i have noticed i have gotten more points for useless comments rather than thought out useful ones that less people end up seeing. i agree that this site is about sharing info which is what i am all about f*ck the points!
  • ... am new to AnswerBag ... used to be an Expert on, way back in 1998 to 2000 when they were good, they sold out/changed owners, now they suck ... after browsing to find this site, I like it much better here ...
  • i am fairly new to this site, but when i read your post, i saw that there are some great people on this site, and that i like it here. thanks! ;)
  • I love you, too! *sniff* Very sweet!

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