• I'd leave her alone. She can't just be your friend, she has a right to socialize with others and to create new friendships. But if your getting jealous just calm down, after all you really don't want more than a friendship right? Juts let her notice, your her friend, too, there for her.
  • Okay, calm down. I had about 4 BFF's before I even started high school. In high school, I had about 4 BFF's there too. Let's just say that only 1 has made it and we have been friends for 17 years. Crap, I just gave away my age. Friends come ang go, and the real ones will just work themselves out.
  • i was best friends with a guy for 4 years, we dated on and off as well. he started dating my sister and she is a very jealous person who thinks he is in love with me again when he speaks to me. he avoids me in order to not piss her off, and it kills me every day i see them together. i am trying to learn that i am a strong enough person to be okay on my own. There is always going to be another best friend and even if that search takes years, i have found that if there is something you really want most of the time it doesnt come to you until you can be intrinsically satified with what you already have.
  • Get to be good friends with that person too.
  • I say relax. Be casual friends with her and not an overbearing mother. You need to understand that "best friends forever" doesnt actually exist. Your lives will change and you will all go in separate directions, there are enough people in the world with common interests as you that you can make new friends. Friendship is an invaluable thing, but dont throw around the term FOREVER so easily. You cant be so naive as to think that everything lasts that long.
  • Well, "best friends forever" doesn't really mean "best friends forever". It really means "best friends for now". She has the right to have the freedom of who she chooses to associate with and you have no right to deny her that freedom. Perhaps you should give this "other person" a chance. Who knows? If your best friend likes her as a friend, you might like her as a friend, too!
  • ahh, this happens. it will happen forever. Listen to Anonymous Girl, she knows what she's talking about
  • Let her go for awhile, until she sees that the other person isnt as cool as you. She will come back. I have a friend who finds new people to hang out with about once every 6 months, but he always comes crawling back. If you are a good person who really cares about her, there is no way your friend will just abandon you unless there is something wrong with her.
  • That happened to me. I was a couple of years younger than my best friend and she "matured" before I did and started hanging out with kids who smoked, my day those were the "wild" kids. You can't stop someone from moving on, away from you. You can't hold on because it isn't good for you. I'd find new friends as soon as you can. Good luck! :) Happy Monday! :)
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