• Penicillin.
  • For cheating the best medicine for you is to move on and find someone that can respect and not cheat on you. The best medicine for her is to lose you. Teach her to never cheat again as you lose when you do.
  • You have two choices, Dump her and forget about it. Or get revenge. Either choice will make you feel better.
  • Move on and find a girl who won't cheat
  • Don't put off until tomorrow what you need to do today. Bite the bullet now, and call it quits, or you'll be facing a lot of "tore up's" in the future. Sorry, sometimes truth hurts. :-(
  • you can medicate all you want but either way you got screwed. you might as well face that fact head on and learn from it.
  • Dump her. What? Yes, that's right. One of the best gifts you can give a woman is the gift of MISSING YOU!!! Dump her, and let's see what she'll do (if) she wants you back. As for yourself, think about moving on. Hang out with friends, grab a beer, try to forget about it.
  • That girl was ur fever , now it went. u r perfect now.. Be practical and cheer up :-)
  • Lostlove, what do you want. Do you want a relationship with her or do you want to have her out of your mind. This question is key to perscribing the right "medicine"!
  • well obviously she doesnt respect you and you should brake it off forget about her it will only hurt more every time you look at her knowing she was with someone else while dating you
  • I guess talking helps alot.. but hurts in my soul so bad.. I guess thats how you know you really you love someone..
  • If she confessed to you without getting caught it could probably be salvaged, if you found out on your own, through words of mouth whatever, forget about it, its done. Just accept you never had anything special, this is most important and move on.
  • If it was a genuine mistake then time...I dont see why everyone is saying dump her. If you are both willing to then you can most definately work through this.
  • get some strange (one of her friends perferably)
  • Love her or leave her. It's up to you. I won't say that the only choice is to leave, it's not. You must be prepared to deal with this the rest of your life, though. Personally, if I truly loved her, I'd try to understand and see if what is truly at the root of this can be solved to both of your satisfaction. Maybe it can, maybe it can't.
  • Be glad that you weren't married to her.
  • TIME! you have a choice forgive her and move on or leave her. which ever you choose it will take a while to get over it
  • I think you should find the guy she cheated on your with. If she cheated on you with a girl, find her. Then you get your girlfriend and you force her to have a threesome with the both of you. When it's all over you challenge the other person to a fight and then whoever is the last person standing is the winner of the girl. Ah, this is just a joke but I think it is entertaining story.
  • Time is the best medicine!
  • Smoke some weed just a little(don't get stoned) will help u relax and feel alot better...I think after that u will be able to make a decission
  • Best medicine is to look for a girl that will be decent to you. Don't look for the same type, look for someone unique that is confident, isn't looking for ego boosts and has morals. Also, music was always the best medicine for me. Sit back, relax and think about things. Allow yourself to cry if need be.
  • 5 strippers!! Kidding... just smile it off not much you can do.
  • Um, you could start by calling her 'our girl'...

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