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  • Watch the Movie "Step Brothers"... Then follow it up with the movie "W." You should have your answer by hour 4.
  • They have not been raised in a manner which allowed them increasing responsibility as the got older (some would use the term forced). They have been protected and not taught how to make their on decisions and take responsibility for their own life. Since we have gotten to this point, I would have a discussion with your husband and set up a strategy and they have a family meeting and lay out the situation on who goes first and how. I think the suggestion to watch the two movies is a good one. You may understand the situation better. If nothing else, your husband has a choice of them or you.
  • In this economic climate, they are most likely frightened of facing a world that has such high prices and severe unemployment. We have one adult grandson living with me, and the other two are living with their Mom. We are also making the mortgage payments on my son's house, and he has his wife's mother and grandmother living there. Family taking care of family is a very common occurrence. In my neighborhood, several families are sharing one house, and some have even set up travel trailers in their yard for their unmarried sons to have a place to sleep. If you have concerns about the division of chores or other related issues, be sure to arrange some time to talk it over with everyone involved.
  • Just a guess....because he doesn't tell them to get out. They should have been out long ago.

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