• Make some homemade cookies! Or does that count as sweets? Just think you only have till Easter then you can pig out :)
  • When you find out, let me know. I am feeling exactly the same at the moment. :)
  • Eat some fruit. The sugar will fool your body into thinking it's candy and you'll be satisfied.
  • go smoke a ciggie.
  • When my dad tried to give up smoking cigars, he read somewhere that when you get a craving for anything, just say.......' oh well, I can have it later'.....for some reason, that helped him a kinda takes your mind off it, while not really trying to 'ignore' it!! try it sometime!!!!!! and try to eat more fresh fruits/veggies......yeah, yeah, it's corny, but our bodies need nourishment from REAL food all the time!!!! oh and try to drink more water.....BUT PLEASE NO BOTTLED WATER.....THINK OF THE LANDFILLS......GET YOURSELF one of those water filtration pitchers......or if you're in a family, the filtration systems that hook up to your sink......WILL SAVE YOU TONS OF MONEY in the long run.......don't drink your tap water.........loaded with chemicals and who knows what the hell else!!!!

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