• If I may be permitted a small pun: Amen to that.
  • Excellent question. Nope, can't say as I can. + ;)
  • Thats a good question,and no I havent heard of any.
  • +3 Great question. I'm curious if someone can come up with a valid answer for this...
  • Nope, I've never heard of one.
  • There haven't really been any since the collapse of the Soviet Union. But would the Red Army Faction (Germany), the Red Brigades (Italy), and the Japanese Red Army count for you.
  • No - they don't care about anything - that is why they are aetheists.
  • I don't think anyone believes atheists are inherintly evil so your question's preise is flawed. As for "Can anyone list me a domestic or world wide terrorist organization that strictly represents atheists?" The answer is yes mrbuddhafreak can:
  • The only thing I ask is for people not to impose their beliefs or non-beliefs on others.
  • Not any official organizations that say " We are athiests" but lot's of world dictators who were. Stalin, Kruschev, Castro,well I guess you could call the Communist Party an atheist terrorist organization. They used fear and death to force people to stop worshiping God and bow down to the Communist ideal.
  • Atheists are loners, they usually do not gather in groups to discuss their thoughts in depth. Thus are often very angry or bitter individuals. No Jesus. No Peace. Know Jesus, You Know Peace
  • If atheists are evil, is a pretty big "if". I do not believe that is true. However, an evil non-believer organization that exists world wide is the Neo-Nazi's.
  • No. No such organisation exists.
  • Atheism is a belief not a belief system. You can't teach someone to be a better atheist. But Christians are taught how to be a Christian. But what constitutes better is relative hence all the different factions. Most atheists don't require others to be atheists. Being anti-religious and atheist is not the same thing. There are people who believe in God but are against religious structures.
  • News reports about suicide terrorism are profoundly misleading. "There is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world's religions. After studying 315 suicide attacks carried out over the last two decades, a political science professor concludes that suicide bombers' actions stem from political conflict, not religion. While television viewers and newspaper readers in the US hear more about events in Israel, Iraq, Madrid and London, this same professor points out that the Tamil Tigers, a group that most Americans have never heard of, are responsible for more suicide attacks over the last two decades than any other group. The Tamil Tigers have have been influenced by a Marxist/Leninist ideology which is largely atheistic and disavow any connection with the Hinduism practiced by many of the people the the region of Sri Lanka where they operate. The Tamil Tigers are engaged in a struggle for independence from the central Sri Lankan government. This same professor's (Pape) strong conclusion is that religious fundamentalism is NOT the source of suicide bombings or terrorism. "What nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is a specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorists consider to be their homeland." This is true in Sri Lanka, it is true in the Middle East (where many terrorist groups consider themselves secular rather than religious) and, yes, in Iraq, where former Baathist supporters of Saddam Hussein may use Islam as a cover and even a recruiting tool, but are motivated by clear political objectives;...To pressure the US to leave Iraq so that the way will be clear for their own return to power. Worldwide, the struggle is about power and politics, not religion. Moreover, when one considers earlier examples of mass murder and violence in history, the violence perpetrated in the name of God pales by comparison with the violence committed by those who disavow religion. It is strange to witness the passion with which some secular figures rail against the misdeeds of the Crusaders and Inquisitors more than 500 years ago. The number sentenced to death by the Spanish Inquisition appears to be about 10,000. Some historians contend that an additional 100,000 died in jail due to malnutrition or illness. These figures are tragic, and of course population levels were much lower at the time. But even so, they are minuscule compared with the death tolls produced by the atheist despotisms of the 20th century. In the name of creating their version of a religion-free utopia, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong produced the kind of mass slaughter that no Inquisitor could possibly match. Collectively these atheist tyrants murdered more than 100 million people. Wanton violence and slaughter is, of course, deplorable whether committed under the cover of religion or secular ideology. In this, peace loving theists and atheists can agree ... and make common cause in the struggle to rid the world of war. And when the guns and bombs are silenced, we can get back to the question of God. So with all of that being said, are there any world-wide or domestic atheist terrorist groups? If you take into consideration the atheistic-based countries such as, Russia, Germany, China, North Korea, India (Tamil Tigers), Cuba,etc, murdering well over a 100 million people, then I would have to say yes, there are domestic and world-wide atheist terrorist groups at work. Perhaps not terrorists as the media portrays terrorism today but terrorist none the less. I'm sure that I will get a lot of flack for this answer but it needed to be addressed because so many people associate terrorism, as it is known today, with religion (Muslims, Christians, etc) I reiterate, most terrorism is politically motivated not religiously motivated. Just my opinion. The question was asked and I answered.
  • Good question and it proves the theory that religious people cause a lot of the wars in this world. If there's no god then why start wars over it, everyone should be atheist, it would be a more peaceful world for sure.
  • Who says that atheists are evil?
  • The United Judean Peoples Front...Or is that the United Front of Judean People?
  • I know of none, but there are very likely groups of atheists who would commit terrorist acts and even the term terrorist is subjective. The US revolution was a terrorist act when you get right down to it.
  • you can't, there aren't any because atheism is not an organization or a belief system that requires more than one's self to perpetuate. The definition of Terrorism under US law means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents. Well I think that just about makes every country on the planet guilty of some kind of terrorism in thier history. A terrorist isn't any color, race or creed of people, it's a tactic used in war against another...specifically politically mention of religious motivation but unfortunately politics and religion often go hand in hand. Now an Atheist could surely use terrorist tactics, to attack someone, but atheists couldn't really unite under the banner of atheism, and if they did, who would be their enemy? God? How do you commit terrorist acts on something that doesn't exist? Religious people? Why would we attack them, they are too busy fighting wars with each other. I know religious people think if they die they are doing it for god and will get a seat in heaven and all that jazz, but I got one life, I don't know what happens afterwards, if anything, and so I am not off on some glory quest to blow myself and a bunch of christians up, to press my belief system on people. ...we might rally to fight an oppressive government..but then what role would atheism have in uniting us? Without a religious enemy, an atheist doesn't exist, he's just democrat or republican or a communist or a man. Religions on the other hand, working hand in hand with governemnts and dictators have managed to use terrorist tactics (there are no terrorists, only people using terrorist tactics)because terrorists and the term terrorist apply to anyone who resists a government and every country has and does do that.
  • How are you defining worldwide terrorist organization? Can you list any as examples?
  • Anyone here talk like Atheism is another religion, it's not, the atheism is an absence of religious beliefs, we can't fight for something we don't believe, this a nonsense.. To return to the question, the terrorist act himself it's to propanganda their own beliefs.. Making terrorist in the name of atheism is like have sex in the name of chastity.. You can say the act of someone atheist in another organisation (like communism) is an atheist act.. it's like saying Osama bin Ladin is no smoker, and a terrorist and the news: This is a non-smoker terrorist act in news :P

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