• First of all, if he ever comes back don't answer to him. Just leave him hanging. Now, go out with your friends. Go hang out and have a good time. Do something that will take your mind off of it. Go spoil yourself on shopping spree or something, buy something that makes you feel good. Go out and relax. Don't dwell on this, otherwise it will eat away at you. You will eventually find your significant other. Let time take its course. For now, do not get involved into any relationships. Just enjoy life and be happy. He is not worth your tears as well as even thinking about. You don't need to be treated like this, and no one should feel it too. It's not fair.
  • Time heals, but in the meantime try not to dwell on good times, and if you find yourself doing this remind yourself of all the bad things he did, even write a list and stick it on your mirror if need be. Try to get out with friends who will help take your mind off him. Good luck.
  • time, and talking it through. don't be afraid to grieve the relationship, or to be angry. i've been cheated on, i know how that feels. truely it just takes time, go day by day. go out, start something new, fresh away from the realtionship you had. allow the time to heal.
  • Trying is all you can do right now sewwtheart...there is not a method to use when forgetting're heart feels what it feels and you need to give yourself time, keep busy, stay away from things that may remind you of him...try to think about all the damage he's done and how he did not love you...take to people, maybe try to meet somebody whom you feel attracted to, this person might help you focuse more on him than on your ex. It is not easy, i've been in this position before, dont give up and keep positive. GOOD LUCK!!
  • Ur heart is broken, and u need time to heal. Do something that have always wanted to do. It may help that heart of urs heal. Do not think about him. Get rid of anything that reminds u of him. U can get over him and time will give u that healing, so be strong and hang on. U'll find a nice guy someday who will make u happy and u'll forget all about what's-his-face. Write down ur feelings everyday as well, it helps to let it out. Talk to ur friends as well. They will give u the support that u need that people online cannot completely give u. I wish the best for u and hope that u can get over him.
  • I can understand....i've been through the same.... but remember 'Time heals all wounds' Try to divert ur mind by doing something u love. Try not staying alone. If possible take a vacation that will freshen u up nicely. delete his number from ur phone list. avoid everything that reminds u of him....stay with positive people. try it!!! good luck girl.
  • We all make mistakes. Be optimistic. Use the knowledge you've gained to make a better selection next time.  
  • Hmm! Twice? Keep going - you sound like a true looser! Shut up and join the thousands of other losers!
  • You need a clip around the ear more like. If you are simple minded enough to be cheated on twice, then you've got terrible taste in men and an even poorer understanding of yourself.
  • maybe by realizing hes probably not thinking about you

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