• ignore him has he filed a law suit?
  • I do not know what your question is, but in most states you would owe for at least one month. If you have no rental agreement, then you have a month-to-month tenancy by operation of law. In order to terminate a month-to-month tenancy, most states require at least 30 days written notice. Some states have extended this to 60 days if you have lived at the property for over a year. Since you did not give written notice, the landlord would be entitled to at least 30 days of rent. Of course, your landlord does not sound much like a friend.
  • Since there was never any lease/contract agreement that was exchanged/signed for then the terms for renting the property were never laid out. He has no case against you.
  • If he continues to fight it, then MAKE him prove you owe him money. I would say unless a judge declares you do owe rent money, dont give him one cent.
  • i would just move out

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