• He's barely been in office. How can anyone have an opinion like that yet?
  • Because he looked like superman and people are wondering why he isn't moving at the speed of light to save the world. Fact is he is ten times better than Bush and McCain, and he has a worse time than any president has had since probably Rosevelt so how can anyone expect perfection? He's a good man in my opinion and I would take him for British PM if you guys don't want him.
  • Hey give the man a chance befor we start debuking him,he has not had a chance every person so far he has monminated a tax cheat who if it were me or you would have been in prison,in my questioning his wisdom to place clintons failures to key posts do not seem like change,but no matter four yrs to see what we will be in soup lines or out on our butt homeless we will be finding out soon enough he did not put us here and now we want it now and it isn't going to be now,it has to be patience of jobb. Americans we are and united we must be to survive this test of another famin here You think Africa has it bad just wait and see us in the same boat.
  • I voted for palin... I mean McCain. :) I still have no reason to disparage obama, he has not had enough time to fix or break anything. unlike the clinton worshippers, when someone I am against gets elected I hope I was wrong, not try and nitpick every little possible thing. why would anyone who voted for him be upset right now? he has not had enough time to fail to deliver his promisses.
  • Pardon me but Obama said that he would have no lobbyists in his administration, did he not? Did Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, hold an executive position at Goldman-Sachs one of the prime recepiants on the handout? Did Tom Daschel hold a position as lobbyist for a coalition of healthcare providers. Was it not his use of their lemo that led to his tax delema. Did Barack Obama not issue an executive order allowing the inclusion of certian individuals regardless of their lobbying activities? It would appear to me that he had his chance and in less than 30 days in he blew it. I did not vote for Barack Obama. I voted for John McCain.
  • I hear people say that everyday. they now admit theyvoted for him because he promised them money and that is the only reason they voted for him.
  • I see a worldwide awakening due to global communications such that people are seeing enough to form the big picture we need to handle the 21st century, right on time. Breakthroughs in every discipline are still getting out to the general public decades late, but it's all coming out in the wash. People in developed countries are 60% left brained, according to science, so a negative comment always wins, but when we get the two hemisphere's in sync the right brain is the one that answers questions and has all our compassion, joy, the creativity for innovations we so need and our genius and common sense. We are coming to our senses. The left brain, which we have so overdeveloped, is in the dark, asks questions the right hemisphere answers, as it seems to be dedicated to that task, and the left is negative and dedicated to the body, materialism and a defeatist attitude. Only the right can cheer us up. When in sync we have our sanity and access to the subconscious, which is literally a million times the capacity and speed of our usual thinking. That's 50 bytes as opposed to 50 megabytes, 1 million times faster. The latest in Emotional Intelligence is used in business, sports, counseling, negotiations and families. When a sports figure gets 'in the zone' time stands still and he has time to consider the play and the whole field and everyone on it. The subconscious does in one second what it take thought by educated idiots over three days. The main blocks are a negative attitude and assumptions. We need to put all our assumptions aside to get new ideas and then only keep the old ones that are useful. We access it all by intuition. That's probably why Einstein said that, "The only real valuable thing is intuition." Yes, we can.
  • Give me four years and I'll let you know then.
  • He's doing exactly what he promised he'd do. And he did it in lightspeed, too (in political timeframe). That's more than any other President in recent history has done. Now, as to whether his massive spending plan will jump-start the economy--only time will tell...
  • You are all correct, Obama has not been in office long. Yet he has already begun to take away the freedoms and moral stands that our country has held fast to for years. I am very saddened by this for I hold those things dear to me. I did not expect this from a man who promised so much. GIVE HIM A CHANCE??? To do what?! Revoke even more of our freedoms??
  • No, I never would've voted for the Cadaver and the Floozie. That's just preposterous. Or shall I say poppycock.
  • I did not vote for the son of a bitch, and find little solace in saying I was right for not voting for him since he is a complete mess already. Impeachment may be in his near future with all the scandalous people he has placed already, and with the piss poor decisions of doing things that the Taliban have given him Kudos for. That should be a sign he is doing something wrong for sure.
  • NO! There was no other INTELLIGENT CHOICE!I like McCain but PLEASE!That last debate finalized it for me.And the republicans knew they had done so bad for so long that they had to get a"maverick"They were so arrogant that they thought they could win just because the dems ran minorities.Stupid,oldfashioned,WRONG!!! GLAD i tell you glad!Yes and proud of myself,my friends,and my country!!!
  • Hell no. A shitty economy is not as bad as ANOTHER war with an even shittier economy, a Pres. just inches away from life support and a deer in the headlights as his successor.
  • well, maybe, JUST MAYBE, we coud get enough on here, and we , as Americans, could find a way to frame the man of a crime, and we WILL impeach him!!!!!!!

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