• As long as your SSN is correct, you will be fine. I think there is some form you send with your taxes to show a name change (or maybe it is just a box ON the tax form itself).
  • I think there might be a place on the tax form that asks if you worked under any other name and if so what it was. I could be thinking of another form but I'm pretty sure there should be something on there. Just make sure your social security number matches everything and you should be ok. Plus, the W-2 that your employer sends in will match what you send in.
  • To add to the previous answers, according the IRS you should be OK by just changing info with Social Security Administration and they will report the change to the IRS but it takes up to 10 days. You need to fill out form SS-5 with the social security administration which you probably already have done. You just have to make sure that the name on your tax returns agrees with the SS records. Except... "I got married and I have not changed the name on my social security card to my married name. My Form W-2 is in my married name but my tax forms came in my maiden name. Should I file with my maiden name or married name? It is important that the name the Social Security Administration (SSA) has in its system for your social security number agrees with the name on your tax return. You have a choice. You can file with your maiden name and contact the Social Security Administration after you file your return. Or, if you have enough time before the due date of your return, you can contact the Social Security Administration and have your records changed. Please wait 10 days to file your tax return. To change the name shown on your social security card, you need to complete Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card. You can obtain Form SS-5 by calling SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or visiting your local SSA office. Note: Form SS-5 is filed with SSA. The Social Security Administration will issue you a new security card reflecting your married name and automatically send an update to us."

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