• Follow Nancy Regan's advice: "Just Say NO", tell her flat out that this situation makes you uncomfortable and although you value her friendship it might be a good idea for one or both of you to be looking for a different housing situation.
  • Try sitting down with her and explaining that she can do whatever she feels comfortable doing ; BUT ... That under NO circumstances are YOU going to walk around the house Naked ..Period. Tell her that IF she mentions it even ONE more time ; that you and her will NOT be able to live together ...
  • Tell her you're not a big old lesbian like she is. She probably just wants to check out your goods.
  • The Lord God created us to be naked all our lives. He is pleased when we shed our clothes and be as He intended. Today however most people (society) are indoctrinated into believing we must be clothed at all times. If you feel uncomfortable being naked then explain to your roommate how you feel but assure them if they wish to be naked to do so that you will not object. To shed much more light on the subject go to inkaboutit4u dot com and looking under the "Web Pages List" look for the book "Divine Sex" It has a whole chapter (chapter 2) on nudity and the Lord God's teaching on it. With knowledge you can explain yourself better.

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