• Rudeness would be the only thing. I can put up with about everything with a smile on and off of the road but I have a very hard time stomaching rude behavior.
  • people who pass on the left when there's room on the right. especially when there's nowhere for them to go.
  • People driving as if they are important and have to be somewhere in a hurry (note: people that actually are important plan when and where they need to be), they risk causing accidents just to shave a few seconds off their driving time.
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      Yes, like someone who jumps ahead of you and winds up at the same stop light. lol
  • When there is a total idiot driver ahead of you that honks theie horn at you because they want to be stupid. (and when they flip you the bird for passing them)
  • I almost got in an accident because of a rude driver. I was turning left from an intersection, the light turned green, I started my turn; a guy across from me, obviously wanting to turn right, went as I was turning, cutting me off. I had to slam the breaks in the middle of the turn and barely missed him. I just don't understand why he would go as I was turning....Wtf.
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      He was an asshole with a death wish.
  • People who hog the middle lane annoy me as do people who undertake
  • People who cut you off and don't have the decency to at least speed up a little.
  • Snowy and Icy roads.
  • There's so many, but my top three have to be Tailgating Not using blinkers When people cut you off
  • Not using their turning signals, driving slowly on the fast lane, cutting me off... I do a lot of swearing in the morning (before my coffee, that is!)
  • People using their cellphones and driving. If they are in front of me, they are swerving, slowing down and speeding up. If they are behind me, they are swerving and run up on my bumper. They also are apt to pull out in front of me from a side street. They can't keep their car in their lane and generally cross the double yellow lines when approaching me head on.
  • Women.
  • People who don't use their turning signals. Especially in traffic.
  • Two things, When the speed limits 35 and they decide 25 is is what they want to drive and drivers that almost come to a stop making a turn.
  • You know, when I was younger, nothing pissed me off more than a slow driver. When I'd pass them on the freeway, I'd give them this incredulous "WTF?" look, and then shake my head like I couldn't BELIEVE someone was actually doing under 65 on the freeway. But now my pet peeve is people who pay no attention to the road because they're obviously too caught up in the conversation they're having on their cellphone, which they're holding in one hand while they drive. Several years ago, I was driving with my young son in tow when this girl who looked about 12 pulled out of a fast food place without looking either way. She came only inches from plowing right into us. I laid on my horn (I was behind her) until she pulled into a convenience store, where I got out and asked her what in hell she was thinking. Of course, I wouldn't recommend anyone do that, since it's a good way to get shot these days. But I was just so angry! When I walked up to her car to confront her, she was still on the phone, which made me even more furious. I think if it had just been me, I might've just given her the finger and been on my way. But as I told her (in language not this kind) she was putting the life of my son in jeapordy because she couldn't put down the phone long enough to cross the street. Funny how things take on a different light when our kid's safety is concerned.
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      good for you.
  • When you are driving a safe distance from the car ahead of you and someone thinks that it is an invitation to fit their car into your lane.
  • back seat drivers! i cant stand it when i am driving and my partner tells me everything to do... even tho i am already doing it or about to- "blinker now" "turn left here" "stop its red" grr haha
  • Crashing. Especially when it's the other person's fault.
  • Not just cellphone users, BUT TEXTERS! I see so many people texting while driving...I'm 16..and even I think they are idiots. I was riding with my dad, and I said "it's so pathetic people talk on their phones when their with their family, especially their kids." Then we continued driving and he said I jinxed myself. But I said "No, dad...their all looking their cell phones...their texting." And he couldn't believe people were capable of it. He found it interesting..I found it as an incredibly stupid stunt. Anyways..theirs a little story to go with my answer. (I'm not a good story teller, but i try my best)
  • ppl not knowing how to indicate properly! :(
  • people who speed up when you try to pass them.
  • Other people.. on the road.. WITH ME.. and all the stupid crap they pull because their BlackBerry wielding, homework checking, make-up fixing, lunch having, radio station changing day is SOOO much more important than MINE. So SURE!!! By all means, haul ass to bob and weave in and out of traffic so you can look real stressed when you try to ask for 'cut-zies' in the SINGLE FILE LINE THAT HAS BEEN FORMING FOR A HALF A FRIGGIN MILE BECAUSE WE CAN ALL READ THE CONSTRUCTION SIGN POSTED A MILE BACK THAT TOLD US THE LEFT LANE IS ENDING!!!! And use your F*cking turn signal... they are not optional equipment FOR A REASON!!! Whew! Thanks!
  • when other drivers cut me off. i hate impatient drivers!
  • Today!!!(2/9/09)I was pissed off at the wind,the lack of rain,too much sunshine,other drivers(namely the big rigs staying in the center lanes,,,for miles,like a convoy!)The stop lights,the LACK of stop lights,the stop signs where 'ol boys are talking on their cell phones,,or texting,,like I had no rage today,HUH?
  • Traffic jams.
  • Having no respect for the weather conditions. People with a "me first" mindset who have to pass and then just as they pull in front of you, slam on their brakes because they see a cop sitting in the median (if they were driving the legal speed limit, they wouldn't have to slam on the brakes - although many people are just plain paranoid when they see a cop). And finally, impatient truckers who ride your bumper through construction zones.
  • When I can see the idiot's nose hairs in my rearview mirror. I tap my brake, and he proceeds to get even closer. I've gotten so I slow to 20 m.p.h to enrage the moron. I relish being flipped off, and honked at.
  • "Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" --George Carlin
  • People who use their brakes all the way down a hill (particularly in the dark) dazzling me with brakelights when they could just knock it down a gear.
    • mushroom
      Many people don't understand how to use an automatic transmission to engine brake, and become concerned because it is "racing." In some models the cruise control may downshift to try to reduce speed.
  • People who can't leave their g/d phones alone while they're driving.
  • Some one driving in passing lane and won't get over! I once got a 147 Dollar ticket for passing on the right. Illegal here in my state!
  • People who don't obey the rules and can kill you. Where I live there is an accident almost every week.

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