• You could see a doctor. It sounds like you now have scar tissue built up and some infection left.
  • I don't have a clue...but thanks for making me look up "tragus". I now even know what the "concha" and "meatus" are. Thanks for that, too. I don't know how I survived these 70 years so ignorant! :-) +4 for the education...hope all goes well soon! :-)
  • get a q tip, wet with a sea salt soak clean your trag, and with another clean q tip wet with the soak carefully press on the bump to get more of the fluid out. what that fluid is the same stuff that makes scabs. like when you graze your arm of leg and you don't remove enough skin to bleed but there is a fluid that come out of it that's what the fluid is that is in the bump on your trag.
  • Too much tea tree can be drying, were you diluting it? How often are you soaking, and have you tried chamomile tea bags as hot compresses? It helped me a little. Tea tree works better for me, but I have tough skin and it's used to tea tree.

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