• As long as she is feeding dont worry to much about it, tap her on the soles of her feet throughout her feed to keep her awake, thats the best way. about the weight - are you breast feeding or bottle?
  • I beg your pardone but Please dont depend on answerbag for such sensitive matters... please consult your doctor.
  • Let her sleep, while she is sleeping she is not using a lot of energy..she will wake when she is hungry. I have two kids, my youngest was only 5lb7oz when he was born so i let him sleep all he wanted and breast fed him when he woke..he did not loose weight but gained it slowly....If your very worried call your midwife or go to your Doctor. Hope everything goes well for you and congratulations on the birth of your little girl.
  • My baby slept through the night since the first day,they said "tickle her feet" and stuff,without serious hurting ur baby,it won't wake up.That's ok,it's growing and if you kid was hungry,it would be awake...babies,no matter how old don't let starve themselves.Enjoy your night of sleep!!Good luck to you
  • Unless she is missing several feedings due to not waking, I wouldn't worry too much. Babies usually have their own schedules and will let you know when they are hungry. If she falls asleep during feedings, I would do things which would keep her awake. Change positions, talk to her, etc. If you are really concerned, I would advise you to speak to her pediatrician about it.
  • Try taking off all her clothes except for her diaper during feedings. This will make her more alert. Assuming the room is a comfortable temperature.

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