• I lost more than one half of my money in my retirement fund. I'll never make it back. I feel a lot poorer,
  • Yes I am poorer, stocks and property have taken a dive and the bank rates make money on deposit earn very little. Luckily I have a decent career and am doing well.
  • No. 35 retired. :)
  • A little...59 and retired
  • Oh yes, even though I make a bit more money now. Two years ago I was in college and had high hopes to be making decent money after I graduated, now I am stuck in a dead and job with a $13,000 student loan to pay off. (Guess I should be thankful to even have a job though, since it is really tough to find a new one where I live right now). I am 24 and work as a receptionist.
  • God yes. 30 and a homemaker.
  • No, I am 66 and I am beginning to receive my Social Security checks. Hubby is working as Director of an IT department, and has recently received a promotion and a cost of living increase. Our net worth has increased over the last two years, just as it did the previous 30 or so years.
  • 24/state worker/student/mother yes, money wise i'm a little more tight but I feel richer in other areas, so I can't complain
  • alot poorer im a 22 year old vet of OEF and cant find a job
  • i feel poorer. 23 yrs old, single mom, can't get a job. used to be a call center agent. I almost landed a job but is too far from home that will cost a lot for time and transportation. i can hardly breathe and don't know how it feels like to have a lot of money again
  • I feel much wealthier. I am 23, and I work both for the college and at a local middleschool as a counselor while taking graduate level courses.
  • No. I'm 18 and just started working, I'm a professional career nanny. 2 years ago I was still in school and too busy studying to have a job.

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