• Congrats or Condolences, whichever you both choose.
    • Wakko
      Since she cloned me, I figure she must think she's a pimple on my butt. :P
    • lavender
    • Linda Joy
      I'm a much bigger irritation than just a pimple, or else I'm loosing my edge! hahaha!
  • I got it annulled on account of I slept all day yesterday and don't remember a thing! Maybe I was rufied, but I don't remember enough to press charges or anything. I mean he IS WAKKO after all, and I'm on medication, so...
    • Wakko
      Meds, eh? That's explains a lot. :P
    • mushroom
      Intoxication is grounds in Alabama, so there's that.
    • Roaring
      I see you found your heart Linda Joy ; )
    • Linda Joy
      Wakko - more than you know! mushroom - the only thing I drank was water and a protein shake! Roaring - I get frustrated, but y'all are family.
  • Oh dear. I don't know which one to feel sorry for most. Please, whatever else you do together.... don't have kids.
    • Linda Joy
      I miss Wakko. He hasn't been here in a while. But you can go back to being upset about something else, my womb is closed! And from the look of the bread trail questions to the right you don't have to worry about my 'popularity' either. Just sayin'.
    • Bootsiebaby
      He was a notorious troll on the old Answerbag, and a notorious grudge-bearer. He even had the audacity to blame me when someone else reported one of his offensive posts. That forced the person who really reported him to message him to say it was her, not me. That Wakko was using one member to get another riled up.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Linda popularity lol you are the only person here ha ha, want to see popular pay a visit to SW and view my profile on a lazy day I get about 200 answers to a, question, your a riot got to go see you in 2021 enjoy what is this again? Answer bag that's right Enjoy
  • You have my sympathy. Two such crazy people should not be allowed to have kids. Adopt.
  • (Covers eyes), take it to the bedroom you two, I don't want to be seeing that here! :)

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