• Active Perl, easy to learn and free to downloud.
  • What is it?
  • I've worked with perl for a lot of years and have never heard of the Strawberry package. The active state version is used throughout the windows world. You'll want to choose a good editor and perhaps an IDE as well. I've used the komodo from Active State and didn't care for it. Others do like it. I've used vim forever and really like it, but most new programmers do not. I very much like netbeans but it doesn't support perl yet. I would probably pick eclipse which I believe has perl support. You might want to look at xampp for windows development. It includes active state perl and ruby, php, apache, and mysql. All done and easy to install for windows--great if you're going to do any web development. Too much if all you really want is perl. Good Luck.

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