• No, because they're a great social commentary of the past. If we're doing that why not shield the children of the future from the Holocaust, or even all war altogether. Back then, society was extremely intolerant, and while we're still struggling today, it's important that part of the cirriculum shows how far we've come, so the children (hopefully) don't make the same mistakes.
  • No! I prefer the old version of the little rascals where stimey wiped his forehead sweat and splattered black sweat on the white wall while baking the cake. They cut it out as if it would be less funny and less racist if they omitted it. People need to lighten up. "One half of the world makes fun of the other half, neither being smart enough to realize how both of them are correct in doing so." Balthasar Gracian. If people start getting stupid with classic literature... That's it! Im moving to Samoa screw this place if that is what it will come down to... I want no part of anyone or anything that lacks the ability to laugh at itself.
  • don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. instead use historic novels to train our kids not to think or react superficially, instead figure out the real message in context and apply it more broadly.
  • I'll second that.
  • This is carrying political correctness to an extreme. Reading great literature that includes America's racist past is not going to create more racists.
  • Both of the books you mention reflect accurately the times about which they were written. The racist attitudes portrayed in them are included because they were real. Both books, however, demonstrate the evils of racism. Racism isn't held out to be an acceptable value. Both books are literary masterpieces that have transcended generations of readers because their message is viable and ageless. Censoring books for any reason is the beginning of the slippery slope. I am strongly opposed to doing so.
  • Absolutely not!!! These novels are an accurate reflection of the social mores and attitudes of the period of history in which they are set. They are chosen because of the content, because they have, in the opinion of some, offensive, racist etc. They are chosen for their literary value and social relevance.To kill a Mocking Bird is a literary masterpiece. If we only choose books for the curriculum that are politically correct so as not to offend any one then we will have to go back to book burning as there is always something that someone will take exception to. The aim of the exercise is to make you think, compare and analyze the content.
  • They should continue to be taught,along with Huckleberry Finn and others. But they should be preceeded by a discussion of how and why those terms wre used in their day. It is a good opportunity to shed light on the history and reality of racism.
  • No. These are classics. This PC insanity has just gone WAY overboard.
  • No.They depicted the times in which they were written.
  • NO,How can diversity of opinion ever be expressed without commentary of books such as this? We had a German exchange student live with us back in the late 70's,back in Germany,they don't teach anything about Hitlers world war.Can you imagine that?She came home crying as the school system we were in made the study of war a requirement,and she had no idea the atrocities he masterminded with regards to the Jews and all who opposed him.
  • No. only in a communist or fascist regime. It's a part of human history and should not be erased or ignored. If anything but to learn from mistakes or to learn how things came to be.
  • You know, people are DYING because of their ethnicity, and you are asking about removing books because of racist views? *throws hands up in utter disbelief and disgust*
  • Oh. Man. How much more ridicules can it get. No.
  • No, these books are books of their time that is how the country and racial issues were at that time. The thing to remember is that neither of the books show racism as acceptable. These books are great books and to censor them from the reading matter of students would be wrong.
  • People have been trying this for decades. Covering up/censuring/destroying our literary history over this is BS. Makes NO sense. Hide our past, deny it ever existed, and watch us travel the road to Hell as we are doomed to repeat it. :(
  • Absolutely not.
  • History text books contain material that could be considered "racist". Should we take those out of the curriculum too?
  • No they should stay in the curriculum. They offer an insight into history of America, which is enjoyable for students to learn. Even if they are racist the way these books are written in outstanding. We must look beyond the racist views and more into how the author has expressed themselves

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