• I think to an extent everyone does. Depends on the circumstances, the ages of the people, and what the purpose of the group is. Gee, it sounds so false when I write it out. I'll keep thinking . . .
  • I'm really quiet and guarded around any group of people.
  • Not anymore, I stopped doing that in high school, it's not worth keeping up the facade. I like being me.
  • Absolutely. I'm a chameleon. I try to fit in with whatever crowd I'm around. Very few people (almost no one, really) knows the real me.
  • I was reading way too much into your question.I am always me wherever I go. What you see is what you get.( My earlier response was based upon,[ a way-out-there example!] like, if I chose to behave strongly in a flirting, sexual way -with other adults, a 'certain group of people' - I certainly would not 'behave' in that same way around a group of minors, another 'certain group of people' ! ) But,again, I do not believe that was the intent of your very good question. I tend to think of extremes sometimes. Again, great question. Be Well.
  • Sure, I like to fit in. If I'm with a bunch of silly friends goofing off, I am quite different than when with a group of technical colleagues trying to tackle some difficult software challenge.
  • Yes,In here even. If the question is serious,I'll change personalities and become serious.If it is social,I'll go to sillyville mode,and respond in kind.(hehe) If the person is being a drama queen,bit*hy,impossible to comment to because they can't understand normal thinking,I'll let them know that too! Now outside of here,I was a general contractor. Do you really think I wouldn't be open and honest to a new customer,then friendly as we get to know each other. Or when I would see a friend in the store,would I be serious or silly,either or,depends on my mood,and the look in their eyes(most of my associates know I am a joker and expect that from me) :)
  • Yes I do. I never change who I am, but I think its normal to adjust your behavior, depending on the circumstances or the people you are around. That doesnt mean I am being fake or acting in such a way to fit in, to me, its just proper to adjust yourself in different groups mainly to show respect or keep social peace. Now when it comes to people who I know & understand each other, its more comfortable to be all of me.
  • Yes. I dont want to be all crazy around Grandma. She'll have a damn heartattack.

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