• Common misconception of evolution - we evolved from a species of ape. Not all monkeys are the same - thats why there are different species of monkeys - we evolved from one of those different species and today monkeys evolved into what they are now.
  • Intelligence doesn't always make a species more survivable. A dolphin is smarter than a lizard, but drop both in the desert and see who lives.
  • Which animals potray greater intelligence? How is that measured? What is the smartest creature on Earth anyway? And we didn't evolve from apes that exist now. We share a common ancestor with them. They are our cousins not our grandparents.
    • ReiSan
      I thought I was reading my answer for a moment. I have said much the sme that you say here.
  • Evolution doesn't say the human beings evolved from apes.
  • No one believes that humans evolved from apes. Both us and apes evolved from the same common ancestor. Birds and reptiles evolved from the same common ancestor (I think of this as a rejected prototype). To illustrate this think of it as a tree with branches - attached is a very simple one there are many others that are based on the same principle but with much more detail. For the second part of your question. There are many different types of intelligence and different creatures on different branches have evolved cephalisation (google it) according to the requirement of the niche (google it) that their species has filled. This is not a problem for evolution because evolution is a scientific process that explains the development of a new species. The two factors you have highlighted do not antagonise one another in it's process so why should it be a problem? People spend a lot of time studying biology and evolution this to understand it. Just like people spend a lot of time studying the bible and attending church to understand Christianity. Just because it doesn't make sense to you at first doesn't mean it is incorrect. If you really want to understand evolution thoroughly, take a biology or ancient archaeology class which includes some field trips. You should find the answers you seek will reveal themselves to you along the way.
  • "There are numerous creatures that portray greater intelligence than the apes." Could you justify this, please? Because I haven't heard it. There are creatures that show abilities in specialized, survival required, tasks. Dolphins and elephants may have of the same order of intelligence as apes, though it is difficult to prove. But I know of no studies showing animals of greater intelligence than chimps and bonobos. Not that it would be a problem even if you were right, The intermediates became extinct - as did the Neanderthals and sundry species of Australopithecus. All the steps on the way to a species certainly do not survive. Indeed, a better adapted successor species may wipe out its predecessors. *If* your hypothesis was correct, it would only show how good we humans are at wiping out our closest competitors (those whose needs are most like our own).
  • I don't believe man did evolve from apes. I believe they evolved from a form of "human primates", that may have had simular features, but a different animal all together. The second smartest animal under humans is large parrots. (my Parrot just told me to say that) but I also saw it on The DIscovery Channel's Extreme Animals. ;]
  • No, there are no animals more intelligent than apes. You have wrong ideas. You sound biased against the fact of evolution that has much strong evidence in its favor, while creation myths have none whatsoever.

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