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  • no, there is no dominance over you. its just a way some guys do things. ask him to do it another way like in your mouth, or not on your body at all.
  • It really depends on the guy. It could be that he doesn't trust the pill and is trying to minimize the possibility of pregnancy. It could be that a prior gf may not have been on the pill and so he practiced withdrawal as a means of birth control and he's just used to doing it that way. Maybe he watches a lot of porn and either thinks that is how it is done, or likes to watch it shoot out. Maybe he simply finds it erotic; personally, and I couldn't tell you why, but seeing my cum shooting out onto my wife's tits sets off an extra set of fireworks in my head. If you really want to know, you might want to ask him.
  • The dominance angle is interesting. I'm sure some guys may view that as a way to mark their territory, claiming you as their own. For most of us, it's a visual thing. We're stimulated by visuals. That's why porn focuses on male consumers. We love to see our seed spilled all over a pretty girl. The fact that you are accepting of it probably turns him on even more.
  • Not dominance, it's just hot. It doesn't really MEAN anything. If you don't like it don't let him do it
  • Sometimes we just find it hot and exciting. You know how men are.
  • Actually, yes, it could be a question of dominance. First, from my own personal experience I often, particularly when my gf and I are having more animalistic sex, like the feeling of asserting dominance that I get from cumming on her. That is of course subjective and anecdotal and therefore in and of itself proves very little. However, there was one small study that was done - if I can find it I will come back to your question and provide the link - that determined that for many human males, cumming on the female was a subconscious assertion of territory and dominance. The sample size was small and I have never seen another study like it that I can recall, but I will say that it corroborates with my own personal experience and it tracks basic principles of evolutionary biology. In evolutionary terms, the male instinct is to seek out and have sex with as many females as possible while warding off rival males. Of course, men and women are NOT purely instinctive creatures - unlike our ancestors - so you cannot fully attribute any one motive. (It may also be that your bf is just being very careful about not getting you pregnant.) However, what men and women enjoy about sex is in no small way rooted in our biological instincts. (We like sex because, if we didn't, the human race would have ceased to exist. Nature made sex pleasant for a reason.) The study I saw backs this up and so while you can't ONLY attribute your boyfriend's desire to be dominant to his pulling out - it cannot be fully ruled out either and, at a very instinctive level, is probably what motivates him. By the way, I should add that this does not mean that your bf does not love you or care about you, merely that human behavior is rooted in a complex matrix of psychology, evolution, emotion and reason. (Again, if I can find the study, I will come back and provide you the link.)
    • dorat
      P.S. I could not find the link, but my dad is a doctor. The next time I talk with him I will ask him about it.
  • No they've just seen it so much in porn they end up thinking it is what they are supposed to do.

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