• Dry skin. They make a product (Moisturizer) for cats with dry skin. It's pretty common. =) Hope that helps.
  • If it's specifically around the ear area then it sounds like it's ear cleaning time. If on other parts of the body then it could be an allergy or a plethora of other things. A visit to the vet might be best. Many vets will give you the ear cleaning supplies so when it happens again you'll be all set without going back.
  • Go to the vet, it could be a microscopic bug you can't see!
  • Take him to the vet, he might have a skin condition which needs treatment. He could also be very bored if you don't let him go outside, in which case you need to find things to keep him stimulated. Buy toys, divide them into two sets and keep them on a weekly rotation so he has ''new'' things each week. You could also try if it's simply a behavioural problem and not caused by any underlying medical condition.
  • bathe her in a dermatitis shampoo and cream rinse (for cats) Apply a topical flea treatment, even though you think their are no fleas they have a way of creeping in.
  • Yeah, he's allergic to you
  • ear mites

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