• I'm looking forward to 2010 because I will then be 045.
  • Mixed emotions but glad to see another year.
  • No because this next yeras economy scares the crap out of me.. and my boy may have to go back to Iraq!
  • Yup. I worked hard and played hard all year so I don't think they'll make me do it over again to get it right.
  • Totally happy contended and peaceful. It is just another 5 hours for the New Year in my part of the world. Friends will be arriving for an alcohol free get together in 3 hours from now. We will stay up talking about nothing till the clock strikes 12. Then disperse by 1 am January 1st 2009. . Wishing all ABers a Very Happy New Year.
  • I don't see what changes except the way you write the date on a paper. We all still have the same problems to deal with. The only difference is we just get a larger check from taxes.
  • Yeap. However, I'm very afraid of what 2009 may bring. It can always be worse
  • I can take it or leave it....just means i'm gonna be another year older soon.
  • Yes I can't say that I'm sorry to see it go, I'm hopeful for what the new year can bring !! Happy New Year, my friend Wanbli !! :)
  • Happy New Year to all and goodbye to 2008. I certainly won't miss the economic uncertainty of 2008, but at least we didn't slide completely off the cliff into a another global depression. Given the number of retailers heading for bankruptcy in 09, our president elect will have his hands more than full preventing economic Armageddon.
  • 2008 went by very quickly for me...I resolved some important issues this year and I am looking forward to 2009...So, yes... :) Happy New Year...
  • Yes, I am glad 2008 is almost over. It was a pretty lousy year and one can only hope that next year will be better. Probably won't right away financially, but hopefully soon. Happy New Year everyone!
  • Ah yes. The time of year when a person screws up their checking account by writing the wrong year on their checks!:)
  • I don't know anyone who thought this year was worth savoring or remembering or enjoying. Out with the old, in with the new...2009 has got to be better than 2008..right? :)
  • Oh HELL yeah! 2009 is gonna be a much better year for me!
  • in some ways yes and in some ways no....
  • Yes and no. I got a grant from the government which is good, but my video card's fan is making noises, which is bad. Overall, I'd say that I'm happy.
  • Yes, actually. 2008 kind of sucked in a lot of ways, not so much for me, but for many of my friends and people I care about dearly. Also, I have a lot to look forward to in 2009, so I'm kind of excited. :)
  • Not very much, I'm at home with my parents and noone else.. not the greatest way to spend this night when you're 19.. But I'm happy to get rid of 2008. I spent most of it being depressed because of my breakup with my ex during the christmas 2007. I'm tired of that now..
  • Yes! A new year always begins with a new hope!
  • Most folks review the last 365 days on the last day of a year. 2008 has certainly been a challenging year for most .. and yet, holds some promise of hope beneath all the extraordinary challenges. Both in extreme measures. But I also faced some personal medical challenges here in 2008 and I'm grateful simply to "be here" to be talking about what's good, bad or indifferent behind us or ahead of us in time!! So I'll close the book on 2008 - take what lessons I can from it - and put whatever positive energy I can into the future. It would be nice - at least symbolically - to see this as a TRANSITION time. Let's walk from the old to the new .. personally, in families. in communities, in countries. on the planet .. with our hearts, minds & souls intact .. knowing that no matter what comes, we are here. A gift, that. And thus, we have choices .. with each breath we take and each bit of love we choose to give.
  • Yes. A 2008 work project preparing for a 2009 event has consumed many people's precious time this year so bring on 2009 so we can get back to our lives.
  • THRILLED!!!!
  • Do not be sorry for any year that passes. Every year should bring new and exciting things for everyone, you are what you make it. Happy and Healthy New Year!
  • You betcha. Hopefully as the old saying goes, we can't go any where but "UP" from here!
  • You have no idea.

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