• He is, NewScientist is really impressed with his choices for his science team, which is a good sign.
  • I sure think so. He's already off to a good start by filling science positions with...get this...scientists. After all these years, I thought people with law and business degrees would always be pretending to be scientists.
  • Hope so.
  • He's got his plate overflowing as it is!
  • I hope it is more oriented toward stem cell research and less involved with space travel. We need to take care of what we have on earth first before we worry about space and what's possible up there. Just my opinion of course! :)
  • He is getting a plate full of urgent problems, he has to solve the financial crisis, the credit crunch, the bailouts where and how the money has been used, unemployment which is urgent, housing issues in general which is also urgent, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Georgia/Russia and now the middle east. He has a lot to do, fortunately he has an excellent cabinet full of very competent and experienced people. Regards.

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