• Depends on the question of course, maybe you could tell what you're going to do with the information or something.
  • I have thought about it. When a question receives over 50 answers there is actually no time for saying even a thanks to all those who answer. Asking interesting questions is an art that comes naturally to some people. So they can't do anything but keep posting interesting questions and receiving lots of answers. It is certainly pardonable and understandable that they don't have the time to engage in a discussion of an answer as all points of view would already have been presented in the multitude of answers they receive. In my opinion just rating and moving on would be better than posting just a 'thanks'. If at all a comment is given it should be by way of an analysis of the answer in the context of the question. This could lead to an interesting discussion thread.
  • Merci Gracias Muchas Gracias Danke Schoen :) ((hugs))
  • Oh I am sure there are all kinds of ways to show you appreciated someones answers but I find that some get a bit confused with anything too fancy. I am trying to for the most part add a little more to some of the answers as my rate of response has declined and have more time to say more. I still use the basic Thanks to those I do not normally get answers from and of course newbies unless their answer just wows me. I think more and more people are getting uptight with a generic Thank You no matter what your intent is. I think the staff should make accepting comments optional. Oh well you can't please everyone.
  • I've just about stopped saying 'Thanks' now, too many people complained. I'll usually only comment if I have something to add or if I want to say hello to a friend.
  • I would like to acknowledge that you answered my question and am most gratuitous of your help. In recognition of your reply to my question, I would like to share how blessed I am.
  • "That is interesting". "That is informative". "Nice information". "It is more than what I expected". "Glad to know that".
  • Using creative emoticons. Giraffeyedonor does that most of the time.
  • "Thank you. You have enriched my life more than you can ever know".....(wink).
  • I don't reply with just "thanks" If I have more to comment on I will, otherwise I just give points and move on.
  • "That was amazingly nice"...
  • I like to throw in a few lines of chat, but when things get busy there is no time. I don't understand why people are getting upset by "thanks" or "you're welcome", they are a quick and polite way of showing recognition and appreciation. That in itself (manners) seems to be a dying art these days . I guess I'm "old school". :)
  • That would depend entirely on the content of the question. I would agree though that "thank you" is a bit banal....and as its all part of the "game" do you really need a thank you,my manners are second too none,but I really do not see the point in this context. Here comes the flack -4 ,-5, -6,....dont be so childish......I'll never get to Sage like
  • *High Five*
  • I usually post something like regards, best regards, thank you very much, thanks for your reply and at times something related to the answer. Cheers to you.
  • mmm..Thanks..alot? or maybe something like: You are soooo right and I will be forever in your debt?...: )
  • Good one,sm00z! It's going to be difficult to remain with the realm of something better. One could try but the more answers you get the difficult it's gonna be. One could run the dnager of some members feeling inadequate when they don't get better worded responses. Most of my questions have no straight right or wrong answers and I believe it's courteous just to thank the answerer for their attempt, even if I don't agree with their answer.
  • How about not commenting, and giving out points like I sometimes do. Perfect example of this is here, I asked, "can you name the last fish you ate" and a few weeks later, it has more than 120 answers... somehow, I thanked them all with points mostly.

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