• Be with the friends who make you laugh the most and like you for you.
  • I have two distinct groups of friends with no overlap except myself. It works fine. Just be sure to ration your time carefully.
  • i have a few different groups of friends. just dont make one a priority over the other. learn to hang out with everyone. doesnt mean you need to hang out with them at once though. and if any of your friends get mad at you for hangin out with someone they dont like, or they say they wont be your friend anymore, than they are not a real friend
  • You can always have more than one set friend circle. Many times, like Eli, I have had to split my time. This works well and neither resents the other. If one set or one person is wanting to make you choose, think of what would be the best for you-not them. If you are happy in your current situation, go with it. If not, and want to be back in your prior position, go there. Do not resign yourself to being made into something you don't want to be. Good luck.
  • hang out with them separately? try to make them like each other.
  • Might try doing what YOU want rather than what everyone else wants.
  • Kill him and fuck the body... I mean, you should ditch hm, and keep to the new friends. --- Too much 4chan lately =/
  • You can hang out with both just not at the same time. Do whatever you want with whoever you enjoy doing it with. There is no law that says you can only have one friend. Life is made up of many different interests and our friends reflect those interests. Not often we find one friend who shares them all with us.
  • Ummm hang out with them separately. My best friend doesn't like any of my friends (or my boyfriend). So when we hang out, it's just the two of us. But she's kind of unlikeable and awful.

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