• You can not flush a substance out of your system. Time and your bodies natural cleaning processes are the only ways to clean out drugs. Assuming that that hit of pot is the only one you took in your whole life, your body most likely will process it to the point where it will not show up in most urine an blood tests in 5 to 7 days. If on the other hand you smoke several joints a day, been doing it for years and even had up to a few months off, there may be enough stored in your fatty tissues to come back as a positive hit during the test. It is good that you are drinking plenty of liquids, that will do nothing for your blood level and fat levels of THC, however it will work wonders for you bladder, kidneys and maybe even the lymphatic system (Liver, lymph nodes, blah)
  • Possibly, but I found a way to beat the tests..Yep true I swear as I found out by accident. suffering (This was in the past 5 years) from tooth and back pain, I was taking 10-14 anacin tablets daily. Plus some of the Tagament also to soften the blow my stomach took. Took a urine test and the boss came back to me and asked if I was taking any sort of drugs. "Yep, I take 10-14 anacin everyday to relieve me of pain in teeth and back" He shook his head and said "Well, they couldn't read the URINE TEST and they said you had to be taking something in large doses to do that" So I chuckled and he did too...Then after I got home, I sat back and lit up a doobie in celebration for a unplanned successful passing of the urine test...
  • I doubt that one hit would have shown up in the first place...i have friends who quit smokin a couple weeks before their tests and pass (and they were all daily smokers).
  • dude you have nothing to worrie about. athrael is a moron and he dosnt know what hes talkin about. so dont sweat it.i took a couple hits of weed yesterday and drank some green tea that same night then took a drug test earlier today and i tea is a wonderful thing.
  • You probably didn't need to take anything...
  • Well I hate to be blunt, but you screwed up by even allowing yourself to smoke pot. Deal with the consequences.
  • I'm an expert on this, so read carefully: A semi-passive smoker will still have detectable amounts of THC in their blood for up to 6 weeks, so unfortunately there is no guarantee that anything will ensure you pass the test. Sure it was one hit but even a small amount of marijuana can remain within the system for a couple of weeks. Through a lot of personal experience, and through helping a number of other people, these are 3 key factors that I believe will greatly decrease the time it takes for you to have clean blood again: 1. Circulation You need to increase the rapidity of your circulation to speeden up the filtering process. This can be done through rigorous exercise and cardiovascular training. Try to exercise for at least 1 hour per day, and walk absolutely everywhere. 2. Perspiration and Urine (water) The two most prominant methods of releasing bodily waste is sweating and urinating. We all know that you'd need to sweat litres of fluid before getting rid of the same amount of toxins as one pee, but when it comes to drugs this isn't the case. When going through withdrawal stages, drug users perspire as though they were exposed to the desert. For these reasons, water is the best friend of anyone wanting to get drugs out of their system. Drink it by the bucketload. They say the male adult requires 2 litres per day to remain healthy.. I've seen people comfortably drink in excess of 10 litres within an 8 hour period. It's your bodies most effective flushing agent - forget about cranberry juice and all that (the juices are meant to replenish vitamin c deficiencies in addicts going through severe withdrawals, so they'r not necessary in your case. But keep your vitamins up.) 3. Diet The cleaner your diet, the cleaner your blood. The less energy your body spends on processing saturated fats and junk-food additives, the more energy it will be able to devote to filtering out THC. Drop all excessive salts, seasoning and fats, increase your fibre (vegies) and your natural energy intake (fruit). Drink plenty of herbal tea, particularly lemongrass, rosehip and ginger. It'll help flush your system. I hope this helps, good luck with everything.
  • just dont take any more pot

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