• Yes, many scenes from the short lived television show "Ed" that was on NBC Channel 4 in the US a few years back. There was also a local pizza place that was in The Sopranos.
  • The film 'The Full Monty' was filmed in Sheffield where i live .. in fact i used to work behind the bar in the club where the final scene was filmed :O)
  • Lots since we live near Silvercup Studios where television shows such as The Sopranos and Sex in the City were shot, along with countless movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and Adam Sandler's Big Daddy.
  • I live near the Angel of the North, and a few shows have used that as a background (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is one which springs to mind)
  • Some of the original TV series "Knight Rider" was filmed near my home and the "restaurant scene", from the movie "Demolition Man", was filmed where I worked.
  • trainspotting and the debt collector. we have alot of tv programmes filmed here too though.
  • I live in Sherman Oaks, CA. They filmed a scene from an episode of Matt Huston ( ) at the house across the street from me. I live 7 miles west of the Warner Brothers' studio where about 100 different TV series have been filmed:,%20Burbank,%20California,%20USA&&heading=18;with+locations+including;Warner%20Brothers%20Burbank%20Studios%20-%204000%20Warner%20Boulevard,%20Burbank,%20California,%20USA
  • Yes. I live near the central valley of California. The county I live in has a lot of different cinema graphic areas that are ideal for film making.
  • The film 'The remains of the day' starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson was filmed in Clevedon, Somerset, when lived there and the outside shots for the television series Shoestring, Casualty and Only Fools and Horses were shot in nearby Bristol. Penelope Cruz recently finished the outdoor shots for a new film in Lanzarote, where I live now. One Million Years BC and other movies were also filmed here.
  • Yep, when I was living in Queenstown, NZ, they were making Lord of the Rings.
  • Escape From New York King of the Hill Larger than Life What's Love Got To Do With It?
  • For me, it was Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One.
  • Yes ... several every year are filmed in and around Montreal, Canada ...
  • I don't live there anymore but parts of this movie were filmed there when I lived there.
  • Alien vs. Predator was filmed in Gunnison, which is a few hours from Denver. Also there was Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead and one of the action scenes from Die Hard 3 was filmed at our old Stapleton Airport.
  • My old high school is on MTV a bunch. And that one movie with robin williams was filled at a school near here, at St Andrews.
  • Talledega Nights. Juwanna Mann. Shallow Hal.
  • that movie baby boy was filmed in our house. cops by our house, couple of episodes of cold case files near my home. documentary about the man that killed his wife and mother in law and three kids around the corner from where I live now
  • The movie "Groundhog Day" (1993) starring Bill Murray was filmed in Woodstock, IL, about 12 miles from where I was living at the time.
  • bonanza was filmed around here somewhere. (Lake Tahoe)

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