• There are crazy ones on both sides of this debate, not just the christians.
  • actually as an atheist as I can tell you that I have met a lot of Christians on this site and MOST of them do treat everyone with respect. You have at least 1..maybe 2 that seem to think that they are GOd and that it's their way or no way..their belief or you go to hell. These are the one who make ALL Christians look bad.
  • I agree. Most on this site are still of the Crusade Mentality. here is an example of a true Christian :
  • I'm a Christian and I treat people with respect. It's not just people of specific religions, but anyone could be angry. Don't be all judgmental.
  • not all of them on here are that way ive seen quite a few normal christians on here
  • There are no Christians anymore, only pretenders.
  • There are exceptions to every rule but, on average, that about describes them X-ians in here (and everywhere else I have encountered them). They're very self-righteous, misguided and vindictive and don't you dare say anything cause they'll start accusing you of persecution. Having said that, they're amusing as all hell and their spelling, ooooh, to die for!
  • That is a very good question. Im not sure why they get so mad,possibly some of them realize everything in the bible could not be true.
  • I for one did not understand that I was angry. Now that I've been made aware - I am really, really mad.
  • There are atheists here that are as equally bad. It's unfortunate but you learn who they are. Pick your battles wisely. They can waste a lot of valuable time.
  • Not all of them are. There are some on AB who are very rude and attack religion in a vicious way, which can lead to defensive answer or even rude counter-attacks from those who profess to be religous. Yet there are also many who are atheist or agnostic who are very kind as well. Just like in the real world.
  • It doesn't take a religious label (Christian, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever) to exhibit anger on this site. You are relatively anonymous, if you wish. You can say what you want, when you want (within the TOU). If people don't agree with you, you can not only argue with them, but downrate them. SOME people (kids and troublemakers, especially) LOVE to see the "fights" that happen here. Who's to say they aren't setting people up? And, people get angry for various reasons. It doesn't take being of ANY group for that to happen. Remember that SOME people can't put anger that occurs one place away when they go to another place, including here. ;-)
  • I am a Christian and I don't feel angry. I share my beliefs when fitting and don't have any bad feelings about people of other faiths. Religion and spirituality is a personal decision and everyone is free to choose as they desire.
  • Those people who call themselves Christians are not exhibiting Christian behavior and I doubt they are really Christian. But, who am I to judge.
  • There are a lot of people here who get angry, and not just Christians. There are enraged people in all the other religious categories here, and angry atheists, too. I wouldn't let a few bad apples define Christianity as a whole, or anything else for that matter. People on here get pissed about anything, usually, I would believe, about their personal stance on whatever subject, rather than the cause they advocate or dispute. There are a lot of nice polite Christians here who may not agree, but remain civil, and have something intelligent to say.
  • So, 'christians', why bother calling Jesus 'Lord' when you won't do what he says?
  • Here's the thing, you're not supposed to notice, much less, point that out. You're supposed to believe exactly what they tell you about themselves, you now, how loving they are and all that. The rest gets swept under the carpet
  • Could someone help me out over here He wont shut up good ol sanity once again following me around ruining my day! :(
  • I'm a Christian, I'm not angry. Right now I'm tired, um.. kinda hungry. Not angry. I don't give my views unless asked. I DO ask people to give sources for claims they make on here, whether they are democrat or republican, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Brown, Black, White, or Red. I believe in being able to back things up with information. What I do NOT like, is when people say things that are inflammatory, without any real decent argument. If you are going to "debate" things, be able to do it while leaving your feelings at the door. Spewing "you're stupid" or, actually, more often "your stupid", does nobody any good.
  • I don't think that most of them show such behaviour. But the ones who do are just being faithful to the history of their creed: a history of intolerance and abuse.
  • Just did. : )
  • I hate to say this, but I think some folks have a tendency to interpret anyone who disagrees with them as angry. I'm rarely angry. It takes a lot to get me there and I don't stay there long. I don't like the way it makes me feel or the way it makes me act and I tend to deflect things that make me angry instead of letting them get to me. However, I've been accused of being angry on here several times because I dared to disagree with someone and stuck to my guns. I was not impolite. I was not insulting. But I didn't just roll over and agree. And apparently that is not allowed anymore. If you don't bow to political correctness, you get called an idiot and angry.
  • **Edit** wrong place, moving.
  • I think that (at least with my family) Christians feel that they are right about most everything. Although not all are like this, they aren't very accepting of people who don't believe as they do or are confused. A lot of the attitude comes from "you should know this, duh." AB is full of people who don't know and are asking for advice. I just wish that people could see things from other points of view than their own.

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