• Did you two have a sex life b4 marriage? Or was she fresh virgin? Have you asked her what's up? Often women can be scared of getting preggers. If she'a new to sex be gentle and give it time. Make sure you make love to her all day long not just in bed. That means do sweet things for her. Make her think fondly of you often. Stimulate her regularly with touch. A kiss on the nape of the neck. A touch on her thigh. Many guys don't realize how important this is. You've got to build the suspense. Women respond to touch men are all about sight. You must touch her often. And I don't mean there. I mean everywhere. Elbows,feet,hands... Anything. And do it gentley. Remember we're ticklish. Good luck, I hope this helps.
  • TWICE A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been married for three almost four years and would be ecstatic to twice a month. I'm hitting four months on this current stretch previous was almost six months before that was three months. IT COULD AND CAN BE MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Im not sure what to say, after 14 years of marriage, we still 'do it' almost every night. talk to her, see what she feels guilty about.

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