• The best thing for you at this point is separation. You've already realized that when you're not around him, you're fine, so stay away from him. I was this way with an ex too. Was ok when alone, but if I started talking to him or seeing him again, it started all over. Eventually I learned just to break contact and now things are fine. :)
  • 6 different girls at one time? Holy shit, no wonder you can't break up with the guy. He's the ultimate stud and a love god of sorts. Don't let him go, you may never be able to find anyone that can do what he does Wow! 6 girls?
  • You need to realize you're worth far more than that and truely appreciate how little he values your love. Until you do that it will continue. I hope for you that you really open your eyes.
  • 7-24-2017 The answer is to figure out who owns that head you live in and take control. Throw out all thoughts you consider unprofitable and make it think thoughts you consider more beneficial. It's called responsibility. Take it, it's yours!
  • Just quit doing it.

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