• How much, what size and what should I pay for it? Brand names?
  • Why don't you add RAM if your computer has little remaining memory? Isn't that the easiest thing to do? Go to this website and download the system scanner. That will tell you what's on your system. Crucial is a leading maker of RAM.
  • How much space do you need?
  • You are confusing and apparently conflating "memory" and "disk storage". Memory (aka "RAM" for Random Access Memory) is internal and not easily modified except by opening the case. Disk storage can be easily increased with modern USB-attachable external hard drives of all kinds, sizes and speeds. If you want to put your music files on an external hard drive -- which I would generally recommend, as long as your music program will recognize that -- then you have a very wide variety from which to pick. Choose one with a fast USB 2 connection, assuming your computer will support that. (Even if your computer doesn't support it, your next one probably will, so it's not a wasted investment.)
  • Memory and Hard Drive space are two different things. Memory is RAM Hard Drive Space is the amount of physical space on your hard drive. So, are you running out of space or memory? If memory (RAM) is the problem, you should consult a computer professional as RAM may be different from one machine to another. RAM is a chip that is installed on the mother board. Also, every mother board is different in the amount of RAM it can handle. You could be maxed out. If Hard Drive space is your issue, I would suggest getting a Seagate and get a BIG ONE, like a terrabite (1000 Gigs) Then get an aluminum enclosure that has a good fan. This is important as it will keep this monster drive cool and will prevent hard drive failure. Once you get the two, put them together and connect via USB or SATA (depending on your computer). If in doubt, connect via USB. Enjoy all the space you can handle!!!!
  • What you need can only be seen by opening up your laptop. That is different with different brands. The computer store can look into it, order what you need. The memory sticks or plates might be some dollars more expensive as you can buy them on the Internet, but the computer doctor put those in for free - usually. You can look at prices when you google memory for "your brand of laptop"
  • Personally i would go with a MyBook 1 Terabyte Drive. i have had personal experience with these and they work excellent and are quite affordable.
  • mybook drives (made by western digital) are ok for bulk storage but have a tendency to run really hot. i tried editing a project on one and found ,myself having to turn it off and let it cool down every couple of hours. regardless of what you do with your computer, it is always good to backup stuff you paid for. I would recommend as a second level of backup, burning the files to a dvd as data. One dvd can hold lots of music files. This time of year, you should be able to find 500 gb external drives for about $89-99. I have seen terabytes for as low as $129. Another option is to buy a docking station( thermaltake makes an excellent one) that you can swap drives in and out of and then buy raw drives as you need them. It will cost about the same but will give you more flexibility.
  • Why don't you just get a flash drive for like 40 bucks, put your music and program on it, and then redo your hard drive.

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