• I'll admit that it makes you a little shallow. You married this man because of his body? But I guess if you're not happy, it's time to move on.
  • It sounds like it goes much deeper then just skin deep. You don't just fall out of being in love with someone because of weight I think there is other things that are involved with falling out of love with him.
  • whether this board accepts it or not, you are being honest, and sure as heck nt alone. while we say looks does not matter, when we married we do remember how our spouse looked ---- at least i do. if my wife of thirty years changed a great deal, i dont think i would want to get up and get down a whole lot either. what you might consider is puling out some old photos of you two together and see what he says if anything. tell him the truth -- - in a nice way ---- that his chances of working out on you is going to much better with a few pounds off
  • I guess you didn't really mean the whole "for better or worse" part of the vows. You aren't horrible. Just a bit shallow.
  • Sometimes what we need is to be "so hurt". Saying something might save his life, if he's become so overweight that it endangers his health. My wife has never been a tub, but there were times when she carried more weight than she should have. I didn't want to hurt her feelings either, but something had to be said. You're all going to think I'm a heel for what follows: Her father (also overweight) was dying in the hospital. He had a long-term heart problem (which means she's also at risk) and had recently suffered his tenth stroke in fifteen years. As we sat in the waiting area, I explained to her how I love her no matter what she looks like, but because of that, I feared that one day, I would be sitting right there again- only it would be HER that was dying. "Don't make me watch you die this way". I asked her to promise she'd get serious about weight loss as soon as all "this" terrible stuff was over. A year later, her brother (also overweight) asked her to try the South Beach Diet with him. Together they lost 100 pounds and they feel alot better. I ate the same stuff she was eating, only in greater quantities. I felt better too. Maybe you could offer to diet and exercise with him. It'll do you both good. Good luck.

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