• Well you said drive, so it must be an automatic, so I would have to argue and say that it is the trans. So I would suggest you take it to someone other then who said it wasn't the trans. When it an automatic slips it usually is one of two things, standard wear of belts and clutch sets, or fluid pressure, either by it being low on fluid or by a clogged filter, bad pump and sometimes a bad torque convert. But that is all a problems with the transmission.
  • Stop listening to whoever said it isn't your transmission, if it's an automatic. If it's a standard, then your clutch is the problem, but it should also slip in lower gears as well.
  • maybe you should take it to a mechanic
  • maybe the clutch plates
  • Torque Converter. The Torque converter is an oil filled torus that connects the engine to the transmission.

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