• Use a telephoto lens and have the photographer stand further back. Don't use make-up too much; Photoshop works better in general. Soft focus. You don't want the picture to be too sharp or else you can visibly see the pores and whatnot on your face. Just a TINY bit of controlled blur makes all the difference. Choose a muted background. Use a large aperture if the light permits and focus on the eyes.
  • Flash does not flatter. If you can possibly get away with it, don't use the flash. It leaves harsh shadows on your face If you want to look thinner, point your legs about 45 degrees to the camera, and then twist at the waist towards the photographer. It's what the stars do on red carpets, and they do it for a reason. Actors, stand up comics and public presenters practise expressions and poses in front of mirrors all the time. Why? So they know what they look like when they are making a face or gesture.
  • Well maybe you shouldn't be in the picture.
  • Forget you are having your picture taken.

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