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  • yes it is. Please report him This will emotionally scar this child for life. Cousin or not, he needs to be reported
  • I can't speak to the letter of the law but reading that made me want to cry too. It certainly strikes me as emotional abuse and something I can imagine leaving a permanent scar on that child's heart.
  • Uh, YEAH! That is a form of unusual punishment especailly if the kid didnt want it done. Its child abuse... Help the kid!
  • yes, it is emotional abuse and should be reported immediately!!
  • Of course it does. Just by saying it was done to humiliate him makes it clear what the intent was. It's disgusting, and if a pattern, should be reported to the child protective services. The child should be removed from an abusive home.
  • personally i dont think so, as parents we really have no real form of punishments left today that wont land us in jail or get our kids taken away, its just hair and will grow back, nice to see he got imaginative without resorting to physical violence. the military do it. if you wanted to get carried away all punishment could be seen as emotional abuse, my kids cry when they are not allowed outside after being grounded does this count as emotional abuse becuase it hurts their feelings. or if i dont allow my son his favorite snack because he didnt eat his supper he gets emotional, is that emotional abuse? the world is slowly becoming an impossible place to raise a child and expect it to be well behaved, i remember getting the whooping of my life with a belt when i was 11 years old for spending my lunch money on soccer sticker, if that didnt emotionally scar me i dont think a shaved head will.
  • hi, this is abuse,true emotional abuse!your cousin needs the help,not his son,hes going to go through a baad time with his classmates taunting him because of his shaved head.have a family meeting and discuss this matter,your cousin needs help.
  • having a shaved head isnt too bad. afterall some ppl sports it and it looks good on them too. what i remember the most when i was in 2nd grade was this schoolmate being punished by his mom at school during lunch break. his mom had him remove his pants and have him hold it up and hooked it on his fingers by the waist while he's standing there in one of the classrooms in his underwear. i pity that guy despite being a bully and shooting me with papers using a rubberband a few yrs later.
  • I will agree that its a form of extreme punishment but to report it as emotional abuse is a little extreme. My friends son (who has a Goth look) has to participate in a school fashion show, modeling a bathing suit to the song "Walking on Sunshine" which he's DREADING---- Should we report the school for emotional abuse too? Everything is all of a sudden labeled some kind of abuse.......sorry, I feel for the kid but I don't agree with the abuse thing.
  • I'm not a psycologist but I would say that anything done to deliberately humiliate a child would quality as abuse?
  • With all due respect, your cousin seems like an asshole. I would either reprt him/her to the police or let the school know what's going on
  • To punish a child this way because he failed seventh grade is a disgrace. You cannot teach a child to learn through fear and humiliation,all he is teaching the child is how to be a bully, maybe there are reasons why the child failed....Why not sit the child down (as good parent would do) and try and find out what is going on with him. That child will never forget what his father did to him...I just hope that he does not treat his children like that because he thinks that it is the right thing for him do...That man does not deserve children.
  • Yes it does, your cousin seems like an ass for doing that, especially to his on son.
  • Okay, I get that punishing someone for failing could be pretty harsh, but saying that this is going to "scar him for life" or that it's abusive is preposterous. People. It's hair. Bad haircuts suck, but you know what? It grows back fast. And how do you punish a child without making them unhappy? Maybe grounding him doesn't work. maybe he's not trying at all in school. If you try to report him to Child Services, they will laugh and say "There are kids out there being beaten and screamed at by drunken parents, and you want us to press charges for giving his child a bad haircut?!" Try to keep this in perspective. His hair will turn into a buzzcut within like a week, which might be unattractive but still NOT a big deal. I can't see how this could be abusive, but I'd appreciate someone trying to explain it to me, becuase I am so confused.
  • I would quietly tell your cousin that he might win the battle but lose the war. Children treated this way might become alcoholics or worse as they try to reconcile the pain and hurt, and their built up resentment might cause your cousin to lose his son for years or even forever.
  • It certainly didn't address the real issue of why his son failed the class. It sounds like your cousin's inability to deal with the problem in a productive way, resulted in frustration, culminating in the punishment. Helping to find the root cause of the failure, would, in my opinion, be much more effective.
  • It all depends on how the boy is responding to it. Did he take it in stride, reasoning why his father did it and has he accepted it and moved on, or was he crushed and now hates his father over it? I don't know if this is any consolation, but where I live, a shaved head as been the fashion for about 8 years now.
  • not in the least for me. abuse usually entails something that is done repeatedly and excessively. seriously it's just a shaved head! no need to fuss about it too much. it grows out fast and there's always the baseball cap as a quick fix on hiding it.
  • Whether or not this is emotional abuse depends on the circumstances, the child's upbringing so far, and how much the child understands what is going on. I'm not saying I think it was appropriate punishment, but I don't think it will scar him for life.
  • haha wow...people are crazy...emotional abuse? seriously? his hair will grow back people...when it does grow back i guarantee that he will easily forget about it...and to marthastewart this is coming from a sober alcoholic i can't see how this one incident would turn a person to alcoholism...alcoholism is a disease not something that you catch...and i understand that a lot of times it can be developed due to environmental circumstances but come on people thats just ridiculous
  • Yes, that is emotional abuse. There is indeed nothing wrong with a shaved head in itself, but the fact that your cousin did that with the intent to humiliate the child is ridiculous and cruel. If it was used as a punishment I assume the child did not like the idea of having his head shaved? Failing in school is bad enough, you don't need your parent make things worse by humiliating you. If this is the only abusive behaviour your cousin has as a parent, I think you should discuss it with him. But parents who do things like that are bound to have more issues, and if that is the case perhaps it may not be such a bad thing to report it...
  • Where are we, the Dark Ages? Humiliation as punishment? Seriously, I thought our race had evolved past this a long time ago. This definitely qualifies as cruel and especially UNUSUAL. Dad's a loser. And yes, I would term it emotional AND PHYSICAL abuse.
  • As a general statement.........and as a is my opinion that the state of kids today is worse.........not better. Too much attitude, disrespect ETC. Security in schools have increased exponiently (spell check) compared to 20 or 30 years ago. And why? Because parents don't have the power to raise their kids anymore without too much state intervention...........
  • I see that as child abuse, you should report it.
  • thats disgusting ,how dose this monster not know that his child did the best he could im sorry but if my cousin did that i would be on the phone and report him family or not ,it is a kind of abuse which will prob ley get worse if he dose anything else which dosent please him.
  • Oh my....That angers me inside. Nobody should ever ever do that to another human being. What is wrong with your cousin? Like he isn't humiliated enough for failing? Maybe he needs some flipping support from his parents. AHHHH!!! I wanna go humiliate that guy and see how he'd feel. What an asshole. That is abuse and he should NOT have any children in his care at all.
  • What does he hope to accomplish by humiliating his child? How will that help him do better in school? It won't. Sitting down with his son and discussing what they can do to improve his grades is far less humiliating and more productive. I think it is emotional abuse to humiliate a child in that manner. Very sad.
  • Sorry, your cousin is an asshole.
  • wow thats sad. i can imagine how much he cried. faillure is a part of life you cant be punish for it. you fail something you try harder. But sometimes its hard because we all have different way of thinking something might look good for you and wrong for someone else.
  • Humiliating a child is definitely emotional abuse ! Help if you can! Please!!!
  • I would talk to your cousin and tell him how you feel about it. But I wouldnt report it unless you think there is other abuse. I was a foster parent for four years and know how the system works. You dont want to put your cousin or his son through any of that unless you really think their is abuse there. DHS will dig and drag out anything and everything, they will put that child through way more humiliation. Including asking him about sexual things. DHS can be very intence. They intrude big time. and you are foerced into doing what they say. Theyn will also twist anbd turn things around in order to get a child to answer what they want. I have seen these interviews and they made me sick. This alone is not abuse. Yes I believe the child will never forget it and maybe even be mad at his dad for a long time, but if you asked that child if he would rather be drug through the system or if he would suffer with the hair cut, Im sure he would choose the hair cut.
  • i think it is...
  • Absolutely this is child abuse. You are obviously a caring aunt - please let this boy know that you do not believe he deserved that treatment. Knowing that a trusted adult understands the emotional torture he's suffered can help rebuild his self-worth. Whether you report his father or not, you can teach your nephew to withstand this ill-treatment (there is deffinitely more where that came from)by simply letting him know you'rethere to listen if he ever wants to talk. Perhaps also suggest a good male role model he can go to for help or advise when he needs it - his grandfather, for example.
  • Maybe if barber cousin spent less time on grooming skills, and helped with homework, the child would not have failed...uggh! To ask the question makes me want to spit with anger. Yes, it was wrong, and now...all his friends will always let him know..that good ol' dad made him into a baldy. So, now, not only does have the humiliation & anger of what dad did, but he also has to deal with all the jokes, and ridicule he will get from his friends, and trust me, kids DO NOT forget, and this will be around him, like a bad fart in church for all his school years, and life..unless he moves away.
  • I am appaled, Ther are alot of ways to help thid child wwith his studies, maybe the parent should first find out why your cousin has failed> Is there an underlying problem, does he/she have trouble with a teacher or studt habits? Shaving his head is going to do nothing for this child. Maybe the parents should go for parenting and try to try to understand the problem,
  • Your cousin is an animal!!!!!. Report him NOW. Thats how things start. He made his child feel not only depressed and embarassed but also useless. So if you care for this kid, please do something. Thats a form of abusing a child.
  • You should have reported that bastard immediately.
  • Doing such things with people sounds more like a dictatorship state concentration camp/labor camp/prison camp.
  • Seventh grade is hellish enough without having this happen. Emotional abuse is harder to spot, but it's just as deadly as hitting the child. Your cousin is going to lose a lot of trust and respect that son may have given him. That stuff hurts, and it hurts deeply. Yes, it qualifies as emotional abuse, and cousin or not, that child deserves better from his parent.

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