• Some people do, but it is better to be optimistic than pessimistic.
  • I think it's good to have faith.
  • Not sure how much faith I have yet, I think the word is HOPE :-)
  • i sure don't have much faith in him. that is why we must pray for the best.God will protect us.have faith in him.
  • No....BUT I hope that people realize that electing him as President doesn't mean that he can be superman. Ruining our economy and our reputation as a World super power took years to do, so it will take years to undo the damage. But I believe he will be very influential in that change, and he is going to need our---the American people--to make it happen.
  • Dubya has taught us that you cannot blindly trust authority. At least I hope we've learned by now.
  • Yes. People are all hyped up on him and he hasn't done one thing.
  • Obama himself told everyone that it's going to take the hard work of everyone to make the US a better country with a better future.He is honest about the hard work it will take to clean up the serious problems we are facing. At least this coming presidency will be working on serious problems (the out of control deficit and unemployment), instead of denying they exist.
  • Any faith in Barack Obama is too much faith.
  • I think we want whats best for all people and we are hoping that he wants the same. My faith is in the Lord, and he has never failed me yet
  • he certainly will need to manage expectations. he seems to be building a good team around him to help with this.
  • I Think we do Because you never no what is going to happen in jan of 2009 he might make everything right and then again he can be a downfall, so i think we all should just we should wait and see what obama is really about.

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