• Holy shit!! Woah! Wow! Geez! Hmph! Apocalypse?
  • will shaking my head ruefully count, cause i will do that for you
  • What exactly did he mean by that? What I hear in that phrase is that surgeons are the top of the medical field, and don't have or need bedside manners. That there used to be a time when people got into the medical field because they truely wanted to help others (or they mere megalomaniacal)... but now only enter the field for the massive paycheck. Or that some surgeons are so specialized that they are only good at a few things, not general diagnoses.
  • I hate to tell you but your roommate is right all they want is your money. You think they care about you go to one and tell him or her you need an operation but you don't have any money you'll be out the door so fast you want know what happen. Check this out I have an IPG installed in the lower part of my back it has a battery that last five to six years well i just have the battery Replaced it took about four hours maybe would you like to take a guess $24000.00 and some change. Now i need that battery and I'm lucky to have good Ins: because I would feel the breeze blowing up my a%& as they shove me out that door. Here is how great your doctor is. I had an application for Handicap parking my great doctor charge me twenty-Five dollars just to sigh his name twice. I'm not saying there all that way but when it comes to money there no different than the Butcher at the meat market.
  • LOL, Live and learn......
  • they are sorely mistaken cause surgeons have twice as much training as regular MD's. MD's are 4-6 years..surgeons are usually 6-10 years medical school. Next time they need surgery have them tell the surgeon that they don't think he's a doctor and see how that goes over. I am not sure the reasoning behind them saying that exactly but trust me, they have a LOT more experience and education than an ER or family MD.
  • Tell him to walk up to a surgeon and say that. :-P They go through the same training as doctors, then go into their specialties. So they have not only the same the training as family doctors/general practitioners, which he's probably talking about, but even MORE>
  • Huh? shake, shake.
  • I am already shaking my head in exasperation - but not at the surgeon comment, but at the replies I have had on my root vegetable question!
  • Maybe that plastic surgeon on TV without sleeves he is kinda of a tool
  • Is she a fashion major?

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