• Without a doubt in my mind I believe some pilots have seen alien space craft or atleast unidentified flying objects. It would be sad to think that humans are the highest life form there is.
  • No. Pilots have filed UFO reports -- that's 'unidentified flying objects'. There is no reason to believe, however, that UFOs represent alien spacecraft. They are simply unidentified.
  • A pilot would be one of the few people who I would actually trust when he says that he saw something like that. However, I'm skeptical about the whole "alien visitors" thing. Pilots probably do see things that they can't explain, but there is no reason to say that they are aliens.
  • Yes. I have read few books where they have interviewd pilots from all over the world giving similar accounts of unknown aircrafts sometimes interfering with their route or sometimes just appearing and disappearing. I think whoever believes we are the only intelligent race to exist in this whole universe, is pretty shocking.
  • anything is possible

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