• are you fearful of black men? why are you so insecure? by and large, i don't really beleive that black men have bigger dicks if thats what you are worried about. Just because she had a fling somewhere does not mean that shes going to sleep with everyone else while shes in a relationship with you.
  • The more you worry, the more you will turn her off. A relationship is all about love and trust, and if there's doubt--especially at the very beginning, get out of the relationship... OR, sit down and have a heart to heart talk with her. Tell her exactly how you feel and be very open in your communication. If there's still any insecurity on your part, this relationship is doomed. Nothing can survive on distrust.
  • Dump that skank ho. If you marry her your children may find themselves in a mixed household. Why do you want a woman you know is just a nasty bitch?
  • You should worry about your racism You should worry about your lack of self-confidence You should worry about entering a relationship with massive distrust and expecting the relationship to work You should worry about being judgemental

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