• How can I upload image file using php and mysql.
  • A tool to upload Charts and Excel on a website Dynamically and real time. And interactions from the website directly recorded back in excel. Thanks for your offer, I dont want to miss it.
  • A file sync tool would be nice if it could work in realtime.
  • Whats the deal with this computer Inspiron 530....some DVDs will download but you can`t copy them because of copyright....and others will download but you can`t copy them either....its all new stuff to me....any ideas?
  • I want to generate Word docs from a template, pulling data from SQL tables. Something like XDB with Crystal Reports.
  • I want to embed youtube videos that have embedding disabled. I just need to know what formt the URL for the video itself takes relative to the page. It used to be easy but they must have figured out that some of us figured it out.
  • Replace page content with something from the page URL. for example; If I have a page with the quick brown *replace* jumped over the lazy dog, and the URL for the page is , it would replace *replace* with BOB where ever it is on the page
  • Can you suggest something i might be able to develop on Android OS? just a suggestion would do...i'd like to try to do something on it...thanks!
  • How about a DECENT, non-freezing operating system--to replace WINBLOWS??
  • I am about to pull my hair out trying to find a password protection script (php?) to make for our non profit website. We have a public section and I need to develop a "members only" section. I have worked on the individual pages of by-laws and misc info to go into the members only area, but I have not been able to find out how to make a signin page and link it to the members only portion of the site. How does it work if members don't put the right signin or password? I have been reading and trying, for 2 weeks, all different scripts (javascripts) and others, but non have worked so far. This should not be so hard. Please help me. Cathy
  • I would if i knew what a Web Tool was...What is it?
  • is there a way i can change the content of a webpage periodically by displaying the content from several other web pages in my server. for example - lets say i have the main web page - " cars.php " lets say i create another 4 php pages for example toyota.php, honda.php, subaru.php, hyundai.php. Now i want the the text and images in toyoya.php to be displayed in car.php on the first day. Then honda.php on the second day...etc. of course i can do it manually each day. but how can i set this to be done automatically on the server ? whats the script ?
  • If you're really bored you should start making video tutorials and posting them on youtube... Thats what I started doing... I don't know why its just fun to show people how to write different small programs... like popup spaming pranks... fun batch files... its just fun to make and the people learn from it to...
  • can you write a program that would change the read only properties to not read only and not hidden. a windows program that would change all the images in a directory. i have tried to move images from my C drive to a flash drive and the read only images get caught and the movement stops at that point. I figuire i would have to check every image to see if it is read only checked or not. one person said it can be done in DOS...but I have no access to DOS. c:/windows is the best I can do.
  • i need a program that can delete all kind of image file which exist in computer in particluar drive wheter it is jpg,bmp,png,gif or any image format it exist on drive whether hidden or locked ?????
  • i'm a beginner c-programmer, i'm asking if you could please give me a clear meaning of void and how and when can a void function return. thanks for your offer, just cant afford to miss it!
  • My brother is severly dyslexic. It would be great if there were a program that he could run, that would automatically correct the mispelled words as he typed, and say numbers outloud when they are typed,so corrections could be made if they were wrong.
  • I'm dire need of help. I have a site running drop downs and they need to be switched to radio buttons. I don't know PHP at all and I have been stuck in this situation to fix it. You have any help for me? thanks
  • I would like to find some simplified software which my mother could use - something which unifies all the software she uses, and has a little hover feature to explain what to do next (My mother is 79 and is on the internet for the first time)
  • i just want to know how to scan stuff before i download so i can make sure it doesnt have viuses.

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