• Accept her apology. Life is short, but do not let it happen again.
  • well no offense but she was drunk, i've known ppl who have done farrrr!! worse!
  • I am all for forgiving and getting past things that happen in the moment.. but I am not easily over things that would make me feel punked out. Where someone who supposedly cares about me .. shows total disrespect of me in front of others. The alcohol would be the only reason I would forgive her. Drunk or not, I would never punk my guy out.. if I were so drunk that I decided to act stupid.. I would not do it in front of others and embarrass him.. or myself. Acting silly.. laughing.. stumbling.. sure.. but not acting like a hussy in front of my man in a mean spirited way to piss my guy off
  • ask her what she would do if it was you who did that to her. yeah it might of only been a kiss but she was out of order even if she was drunk. tell her how you felt and see what she says.if she was doing to make you jealous i think she as some issues she needs to sort out.
  • Ummm....HECK YES! Sorry to say, but your GF is a b*tch! I would NEVER do that to my boyfriend. If he ever did that to me I would kick his butt to the curb so fast he wouldn't know what hit him. It seems that she is just trying to hurt you and truly doesnt respect you. I would ditch this dont deserve that.
  • Please try to keep your questions without being so crude. First of all YES it is cheating, secondly she is physically attracted to another guy. It is up to you whether you want to forgive her and move onward or let it go. If she respected you she NEVER would have done that right in front of you, drunk or not
  • dude this is such a bad relationship to be in. trust me, i've had the same experience. whenever your partner is trying to "get back at you," or make you jealous you need to get out of it. I mean, how is that fair to you?
  • In my opinion, you should be less concerned with what to label it and more concerned with the underlying disrespect she has shown towards you. For the record, so that I answer your actual question, I would consider it cheating.
  • I had a friends girlfriend kiss me once - well a whole lot. I thing was - she saw him flirting with other girls - so she came over to me to make hime jealous - believe. It put me in a difficult spot. I didn't necessarily like her at that level but it was better she kissed me then someone else I figured.
  • That isn't a healthy sign,accept her apology and beware - that is a Red flag'
  • I agree that some things are not done, if you are sober, that are done, when drunk, but she states that she knew what she was doing, so it is really a personal question that you have to ask yourself. Did you fight? Were you in a fight that night? Drinking can cause immature reactions from a fight. I would, for your relationships sake, state, that if you forgive her, she must not drink when she is with you anymore!
  • Right in front of you!? First I woulda decked her, then I woulda decked the dude, I don't care if he was a friend.
  • You never did anything stupid when you were drunk?
  • How old is she? Maybe she can't hold her drinks. Was that her first time doing something like that? If the answer is yes, I would give her a second chance, to see if she learned from that embarrassing event. I have done a few stupid things while being drunk...a lot of people, give her a chance if you thing she deserves it.
  • I would say its severe enough. Whats PISS drunk? Was she peeing everywhere, on everything and peeing on people while kissing them. Are you sure you weren't at a golden shower party? I'm glad she apologized. That shows alot.
  • This is serious. if she is brave enough to commit this act in front of you, then what the heck is she doing, when you are not around? Don't let her blame this on the alcohol. if she did not want it to happen, it would not have.
  • Being drunk is not an excuse to do whatever. I think your girlfriend has made a big mistake and it is not to be taken lightly. There are many other ways to get your attention, really, isn't it? I think it all hinges on her appology. If it was sincere, then you have something to go forward with because everyone makes mistakes. If this is the way she likes to push your buttons, you should hit the eject button.
  • drunk is not an excuse id tell her how u feel and give her the benefit of the doubt this one time but if i were in your shoes id probably get arrested for assault i would of kicked 7 shades of shit out of my mate if he done that to me ditch ya mate i would
  • How old are you guys how long have you been together? I dont feel like i can answer this without this knowledge!! - My hubby and i (14 years together) did some bad things when we where at the start of our relationship. We where young and we made mistakes, we knew this was just a learning curve..We talked about this extensively and we knew we loved each other enough to get over what was a few similar situations on both side..being drunk does make people do stupid thing i know others will tell you its not an excuse, maybe she should not drink some people cant drink and stay in control.Ask her why she got this drunk is there something wrong is she going through something? She has come to you an apologized but nobody can make this decision for you..i think if it was a stranger it would be easier for you to get over this however it was your friend in front of other friend i think this is the bigger issue... Do you feel like you need to prove something to them??
  • That is highly disrespectful.
  • Ah, the classic "I was drunk, I had no control over what I did" excuse. At least this time it wasn't followed by "one thing led to another...". I suppose a question I have is did she do it out of revenge for something you did to upset her, or as a way to see how hard you will work to keep her (like something heard on an "advice" segment)?
  • Either both of you guys are young, young in thinking, or not too seriously involved. I'm wondering WHY she was trying to make you mad/jealous/embarrassed/whatever? Her (authentic) answer to that question will help you understand where you stand with her (or where she stands with 'herself')and if you want to spend any time working on this issue or any other issues that may branch out of this.
  • being drunk makes you not care as much and it is possible that she hadn't realized what she was doing but then again, you still have control over what you do, you just dont think things through.

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