• Without knowing more detail, my first assumption is something like she leaned on her friends a lot when you and her broke up, and possibly said some negative things about you and the relationship. Now that you're trying to make things work, she may be embarrassed or feel that she will look weak or lacking in conviction about her feelings on you and the relationship. Just a guess.
  • It's simple. Most probably all her frends (and family members etc..) have bad oppinion of you (because they were with her when you two broke up, and they saw her and helped her while she was down: because of you..)so they try to keep her away from you = from the pain. So she doesn't want to betray them. The good news is, if she still seeing you, she still loves you, and after awhile she will undertake you in front of her frends. Just be patient with her, and try to don't bring up the question for her. She will find the right time to tell her friends the truth, no worries. :)
  • 2-28-2017 It is a mistake to date your ex. You should have no contact at all. A broken relationship stays broken forever. You have noticed that, but you don't seem to accept it.
  • She knows they would not approve because of what happened previously.
  • not sure, but she sounds paranoid that someone will take you away from her if your friends see her

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