• You can try a concealer to cover them up some, then apply your make up. Also Mederma is great for scars of any sort, so that is another option. Using an astringent helps open the pores too.
  • I'd say keep you skin exfoliated well, and maybe try to get some sun to even out your skin tone where the scars are. Also remember to moisturize!
  • use acne free! it works wonders! good luck!
  • if you put a green tinged concealer under a foundation it hides red blemishes.
  • I would ask a dermatologist or your doctor, but then I am into people asking doctors medical questions for the most part, versus lay people.
  • Opening a vit. e capsule onto any scars can help them heal more quickly. Put a drop or two onto the affected places.
  • I have had acne prone skin since my teenage years. I am now 25. I find natural home remedies and Biore work best for me. The best thing to do is to experiment and find what agrees best with your skin. I use lemon juice as a toner. I find it's amazing, it brings all the impurities out to the surface. I only use it once a week though, because it is harsh.
  • I have been using apple cider vinegar at the advice of someone from A.B. it is a great way to treat acne and also fade brown spots. Not sure if it will help with purple but it is worth a try. You can apply with a cotton ball that is damp with a water and vinegar solution. Let me know if it works for you too.
  • Mary Kay has a little tube of stuff that will remove any acne and actually if you feel any coming on just put a dab of it on it and it's gone, never even comes to a head. I can't remember what the stuff is called unfortunately, but if you contacted someone they sells Mary Kay and told them what you were looking for they would probably know what you were talking about.
  • Hey, I use this soap for my acne, and it works so good, I got this at CVS, Its called PanOxly Bar. Description Treats acne and helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming. Deep pore cleansing that helps: clear existing acne blemishes; prevent new blemishes from forming. Soap-free pH balanced acne treatment recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Gently removes dirt and excess oil to cleanse and unclog pores while the benzoyl peroxide penetrates to the source, killing the bacteria that cause acne. Clears existing acne blemishes and helps prevent new ones from forming. The convenient bar form is excellent for the management of chest and back acne. If you want to see it just click on the link i posted below^catid=2507^subcatid=2510^Brand=566
  • I believe the product Mederma lightens the redness left by scars or blemishes.
  • I know it sounds strange but if it is unbroken skin, visine reduces the red almost immediatly although it is temporary
  • Use the red-eye fixer eye drops. It does work. And a little green based concealer will help with a touch of powder or foundation to blend with your skin.
  • aloe vera is good for healing you can use lemon juice first and then cover your face or just the spots with aloevera...
  • Here is one of the most accessible and working treatment that boosts your skin to produce new cells quicker than usual - contrast bathing. Fill the sink with hot water and take some ice cubes. Brush the spot with the ices cube, then place cotton pad into hot water and rub i aginst the same spot. Repeat this contrast bathing a few times starting with ice and finishing with ice.
  • Elicina. You can buy it on eBay.
  • The company I represent sells a botanically based Acne spot remover. Would you be interested in learning more about it? Posting Comment...
  • The most important component that helps in increasing your beauty is the Skin Care Products. Avoid using the products that contains Synthetics. Always use those products which are manufactured by using natural ingredients. Genesis Renew's products are made only using the natural ingredients. These are skin friendly. Even people with Sensitive Skin can use them. These products are safe to use.
  • 2-2-2017 The purple spots are bruises caused by clumsy squeezing. You should get vitamin C pills, or sodium ascorbate powder, and take a large dose every day. Vitamin E promotes healing and softens scars, so you want some of that every day, and you can also poke a hole in a capsule and squeeze the oil onto a scar to soften it. Vit E has to soak in, so put it on when you can leave the skin bare for a while. Vitamin A is needed to clean the body. Tests on mice indicate that A, C, and E every day can double the life span. If you read some books about nutrition you can know stuff like that.

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