• She could've been trying to make the most of it but in fact was lying to herself and there was no point in continuing. Or she might have met someone else
  • I had the same issue with my ex. I wanted to make myself be with him because he made me happy, but I suddenly didn't love him like I used to. He didn't do anything to make me feel this way, I just did all of a sudden. We had been dating for about two years then. We split up and we're doing wonderfully as friends. He's a great friend but not a great boyfriend (for me). Don't blame yourself, or her. Like me, she probably tried to wait it out to see if the feelings would come back. Give her some space, let her be your friend and move on to wherever life takes you. Hang in there!
  • She was pretending to be happy. Women give subtle clues as to whether they are truly happy. Men usually don't get them. Women, in general, want to be friends after a relationship ends. Guys just want it to be over and not have to deal with the girls anymore. If you can get a straight answer out of her, you are ahead of the curve. Just a question to get you thinking outside of what you have probably analysed (when did we fight last, what was it about, what did I say): Was it something you didn't do that she secretly wants and never told you about? Was she looking for some conflict, excitement, or adventure - were things too dull and unchanging? Did she have a vision of what you would become, and you did not become it and she believes you never will? I don't know if these will help at all, but have you considered any of them? They just might give you the answer you are looking for.
  • OK...I have been dumped before and it sucked. however the "not knowing" is the worse part. They always say "its not you its me" That is BS and its not fair. It is always harder to say what you are really thinking. If it wasn't hard people wouldn't lie so much. There is no way to know for sure why she isn't in love with you. Maybe she said that so you would give up trying to win her back in a way. Depending on her age, if she is younger than 25, her idea of what she wants in a guy could have simply changed. The importaant thing to remember is "DON'T DWELL" stay positive and love yourself and your life. There are plenty of girls out there...sooo many. Don't worry about her, she is obviously looking out for herself, you need to look out for number 1 too. Good luck man.
  • She felt out of love with you, she wants to live her life and have more experiences, it might be just a phase, give her some space, since she told you that she wants you in her life probably after 2-3 months she is going to come back to you, only if you play it smart;p
  • Have pride and don't give a shit. Smile and tell her, "I agree, I was thinking the same thing; it's time for this to end." Tell her you appreciate the great times you had together but she really isn't what you're looking for and say goodbye. You probably weren't being a man in the relationship and she needs more of a man. So maintain your self-pride and break it off with her too and find someone new. Likely she will come back around sooner than you think and just don't give a shit anymore and she'll stick around. Women are like chickens; you feed them corn, they reject it, you feed them shit, they eat it up.
  • Good for her. I wish more people would exercise that type of honesty when they break up with someone. Relax man.. This kind of thing happens every day- just be glad you two aren't married and/or don't have kids together. Being friends immediately afterward is out of the question, probably, for you anyway.. I suggest waiting at least a couple of months before hanging out with her in a social setting, just to prevent awkwardness.
  • Maybe she just wasn't as happy as you thought she was.
  • She didn't leave. Just drop back to friendship, give her enough space to see what she's giving up. If you're not for her it's best you learn this now rather than later.
  • She got bored of you. Sorry, man.
  • 4-28-2017 You should avoid trying to be "friends" with an ex. A broken relationship stays broken forever. Imagine keeping a broken vase because you used to love it.
  • She met another guy....always the real reason.
  • I don't know. As a women I have never broke up with a guy not knowing why. There would always be a better reason for I just don't love you anymore. I think people throw the word love around to easily!!! There is no way you can just stop loving someone you loved with no reason. You might fall out off the term "in love" and you will also know why. I always knew if it was me and if I'm atracted to other men or if it was them, by reasons as I'm bored at home, you make no effert, whatever reason there must be a better one than I just don't love you anymore.

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